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How to Arrange a Memorable 50th Birthday Party

Updated on October 7, 2009

Birthday is always special for every person, from the first birthday to golden age birthday (50th, 60th, ...100th birthday, etc). It is a special moment that has to be celebrated. For parents who have kids at todler age, prepare a birthday party always very atempting. Even if it just a small party, you still hope it will run well, has enough preparation, fun, and memorable. But what about preparing the 50th birthday party ? Maybe you have parent, your mom or dad turn 50 this year or your aunt, your friend, your husband or wife and you would like to have a nice and memorable party for them. For some people turn to the big five o (50) is very crucial moment so why not celebrate it ?. Well, these are some ideas to make a memorable 50th birtday party.

State the Birthday party theme. The most important thing in a party is the theme. No matter how big or small your party will be, you have to decide what the theme is. Set the theme with the person's most favorite thing, maybe your wife turn 50 this year and she loves gardening, so set the party in a garden full with plants and flowers. The place could be everywhere, in a nearby restaurant, in hotel ballroom, or just in your backyard garden.

Prepare the birthday invitations. You could make the invitations yourself or order them from the special card seller but you could use your own design as special and personal touch. The invitations should have the same theme as the birthday party's theme. If you choose garden theme, the invitations should have flowers, plants, gardening tool, sand, on it. Or you may cut the invitations in a leaf pattern. The invitations should carry all important information, such as where, what day, what time, RSVP phone number or e-mail address, what the guess should wear (dress code), what the guess should bring or should not bring on the birthday party. You may post the invitations 3 to 4 weeks before the party, just in case if some guess need more preparation or need to arrange some travel. Invite the people that really close to the person, like family, neighbour, the co-worker, and some old friends. Old friends are always welcome I believe..They bring good memories and warmth. I think 50 or less guests is quite enough

Barbie's 50th Birthday Party

Prepare the birthday cake. Turn 50 does not mean you can not have a birthday cake. The cake should has 50 candles on it. No, I'm kidding..but if you decide to have 50 candles on it, it's okay. Make or purchase a delicate and elegance birthday cake, and if the person is diabetic like my mom, you have to consider the non sugar cake. Some pattiseries or bakeries supply those kind of cakes.

Decide the menu, buffet or a la carte.Whether you arrange a big and luxurios or small and simple birthday party you have to prepare the menu. From the barbeque in the garden or complete menu from appertizer to dessert have to prepare carefully. If you choose a complete menu for dinner birthday party, you may set the table in a same theme with candles and flower, you may include some kaviar and olive oil in the menu and don't forget the good champagne.

Choose the person who has sense of humor to speech on the birthday party, the speech should about 30 minutes or less to honour the guest and you may start the toast. You may ask the guests to read a special poem for the birthday's person or give a special jokes. Arrange the special song or special drama for her/him.

Don't forget to make a recording for the birthday party. You may arrange some candid photographs from the birthday's person, every time she/he moves or maybe spilled on something. Make a recording with camcorder to record all the birthday party.
Ask the guests to write their feeling about the person in the special cards that you've prepared before and you may glued all the cards in a beautiful frame and give it to the person.

If necessary, you may give the guests a goodie bag that have a personal touch by the birthday's person but it optional.


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    • profile image

      bob chiwala 7 years ago

      good advice .thanks

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

      Hi sapoo, you may serve their favorite meals. The menu should be healthy and good for the elders.

    • profile image

      sapoo 7 years ago

      what should be the menu?