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How to celebrate St Patricks Day in New York City

Updated on February 21, 2011

St Patricks Day New York City

Are you planning on celebrating St Patrick's Day in New York City? If you are looking for ways and events on in New York City on March 17th 2011 you have come to the right place.

St Patrick's Day, also known as St paddys day and St Pats Day is a religious holiday celebrated every year on March 17th. Although principally an irish bank holiday in tribute to the patron Saint Patrick it is also celebrated around the world. In Ireland St Patrick's Day is celebrated by being off work and going on a pub crawl. Outside of Ireland there are many cities celebrating March 17th. One such place is New York city, where you can find all sorts going on including the annual parade to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

This page will provide a guide on how to celebrate St Patrick's Day in New York City with the local events including parade and pub crawls.

St Patrick's Day Celebrations in New York

If you have decided to go to New York this St Patrick's Day you may be interested in finding some ways to celebrate it. There are several different events and ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day in New York City.

  • St Patrick's Day Parade

The 2011 St Patrick's Day parade in New York city will be the 250th of its kind. The first parade was in 1762. The 2011 Grand Marshal is Mary Higgins Clarke. The parade commences at 44th Street at around 11:00 am and runs until about 16:30 or 17:00. The parade marches up Fifth Avenue past St. Patrick's Cathedral at 50th Street all the way up past the American Irish Historical Society at 83rd and the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 83rd Street to 86th Street. The parade lasts around 5 and a half hours. The parade is an extremely popular way to celebrate St Patrick's Day in New York. Many people will turn up dressed in green, with green wigs, facepaints, hats, t-shirts and costumes.

  • St Patrick's Day Pub Crawl

After the parade is over why not take part in a pub crawl. The Irish are well known for their drinking, especially Guiness so the day would not be complete without having a few pints of beer. The biggest St Patrick's Day pub crawl in New York took place in 2008 with over 4000 people turning up for the 3 day drinking session. You have to pay but it is reasonably cheap with one day of the pub crawl costing you $20. You can even drink green beer and green shots. The pub crawl will visit some of the best Irish bars and pubs in New York including Paddy McGuire's Ale House.

  • Learn about Irish Culture

You can take the kids to the Irish Arts Centre to help them learn some Irish culture. Additionally you can go on a Big Onion walking tour and explore Little Ireland. Why not eat some Irish stew,spuds or fadge, traditional foods eaten in Ireland.


Things you may need to enjoy St Patrick's Day

If you are planning on celebrating St Patrick's Day in New York you may need some Irish apparel. It is not use being out on the street watching the parade or on the pub crawl if you are not dressed appropriately.

Some great irish apparel includes a flag, irish hats, sexy irish costumes, sunglasses, which you may need if it is sunny and t-shirts.

The Spank Me Im Irish costume on the right would be great for girls who are planning to go on a pub crawl or even to a Irish themed fancy dress party. You can keep the costume and wear it again at Halloween. Guys would not look good in this costume but they can wear a St Patrick's Day irish t-shirt and accessorize this with either a hat or Shamrock sunglasses.

If you are watching the St Patrick's Day parade in New York you can also wave the tricolor flag.

Will you be celebrating St Patrick's Day in New York

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