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How to make a grand yet simple 13th Birthday with less costs

Updated on February 4, 2016

Teenager birthday preparations

Ever wonder how exciting a birthday celebration can be and how much efforts the people involved in preparing go through. It is a very highly demanded when the teen asks their parents especially mums who do all the ground work from setting up decorations to preparing the most delicious food and desserts.

It is exciting to be part of it and also exciting for the person to prepare. How to prepare and make the best celebration is a big ? I often ask myself and have long hours spent ahead of time researching on how am i going to make this celebration ? I am going to keep so many surprises for my daughter.

Party time, lights, camera, action, dance, the list is never ending. So fun!

Decorations ! get to the room, make a centre table with lots of decorations and goodies to be kept on that table.

Food ! get the best platter on that table !

Gift ! what to get to surprise your big girl/boy now! no more toys eh!

Cake ! a theme?

I googled for so many days looking for things, food ideas, cake decorations, theme for the day etc.

It did save money and costs effective doing this with some assistance from friends etc. It was a best birthday ever!

Fire engine cake theme

Cost effect birthday!


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