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How to Decorate the Christmas Tree

Updated on January 10, 2014

Christmas Tree - the most glorious and loved symbol of the Christmas season

A tall tree, symmetrical and rich decorated is the perfect Christmas symbol. But by decorating it with lights, tinsel, ribbons, baubles and special memories you will enhance its characteristic. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most interesting and challenging traditions expected of this period. And because it happens once a year, you want everything to be perfect.

You need to get inspired by the following ideas and tips to impress your family with the most beautiful tree ever decorated. Once you have brought the tree inside, cut the stump and put it immediately in water. In this way it will will absorb few liters of water and it will last longer. Also, after installation of the support is indicated to fill its water recipient several times a day. Ideally, you should buy a stand that includes a comprehensive reservoir. Also regarding the positioning stage, you are advised to put the tree at about 1 meter away from the fireplace, radiator or other heat sources and away from doors or frequented corridors.

How to decorate the Christmas tree - lights and themes

Decorating the Christmas tree starts with the lights. You hang them from the top downward, vertical or circular. You need to distance them equally, not piled up in some areas. Remember that the purpose of lighting is also to highlight the ornaments, not only to be ornaments themselves. Choose small lights that do not play and don't blink. Setting the theme is an expression of creativity. It is important to focus on the color of the room and choose complementary colors for the accessories tree. For example, if the room has warm colors then you should choose yellow or red decorations, not shiny silver or white. An elegant theme will make use of velvet, satin, beads colored or shiny objects. A country theme would use hemp cookies shaped ornaments, small wooden toys garlands of popcorn and cranberry.

My mom always said that if you plan to learn something new, learn it from the best. Jim Marvin is an established designer and he is the main decorator for White House Christmas trees for over 10 years. In the following video, he provides a step-by-step demonstration on how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree.

In the highlights of the video, he asserts that it's important to pick a Christmas tree with a proper shape. He likes to start with ribbons, but you can choose to start with whatever you like. In order to add more glamour to the tree, he uses natural and artificial elements, combined in a simple but fancy manner. Remember, there is no recipe for placement, but try to keep it simple. Don't use too many colors or too many artifacts.

How to decorate a Christmas Tree (video)


Baubles, tinsel, toppers, tibbons and bows

Baubles and other ornaments should be hanging only the top of branches, but be aware not to drag the branches down. Arrange them inside out to add depth to your Christmas tree. As I said before, never use too many decorations. It's time to make a balance between the decorations and the Christmas gifts under the tree. Choose them carefully and arrange them evenly in all the parts of the tree. When you select the ornaments, avoid models with too much gloss and shine, and also stay away from the ones that fade away. The tinsel need to be in limited quantities and each strip must be hanged separately from the top downward. For a minimalist look, you should decorate your tree in two colors. I know that every family wants a custom tree, and I must reveal my family's secret: we always choose the red and gold colors. With this inspiration in mind, you can opt for other types of decorations: sweets, fruit, pine cones, ribbons, balls as icicle, teardrop, triangle. A little variety can make the difference. In the baubles, keep a balance between their size and tree size. Also, larger baubles look better placed to the tree. As I said, my favorite color theme for Christmas tree decorations is red-yellow combination, and when I want a change, I will go for silver-red combination.


What's your favorite color for tree decoration?

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