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Fall: Using the senses to change your attitude about the season

Updated on November 16, 2015

Changing of the seasons: Summer into Fall

Fall can cause a person to moods to fall. All the excitement of Summer with its splashing in the pool and lying out in the sun getting a tan has to come to an end. This end is the season we call Fall. If you think of it with the right attitude, it can be an enjoyable season and not one to dread.

Fall can be full of sense-arousing stimuli for all five senses.

The colors of the season

Fall leads to a full array of colors. The trees turn orangish and redish to name a few colors. They are enjoyed by many. This is an example to having the right attitude. The trees leaves are actually dying with the changes of the seasons. So the colors that we enjoy so much are actually leaves that are dying. We have to learn to have see the change like this.

If you think about it there are other colors available also. Many of us are heading home earlier as the sun is setting. This can lead to a terrific sunset on a sunny day. In the Summer, we would probably be caught up doing chores or watching TV during this event.

COLORS. How about color of brown. In isn't the most vibrant color, but it is good to see after a long Summer. What I mean here, for you land owners, is no more green to take care of. That is, no more yard work-besides raking. The trimming, cutting, and weed killer days are over. This allows more time to take care of other things.

More time in Fall

Fall allows for more quality time with others.

In the Summer, a person can stay out until 9:30 PM getting things done and such. In the Fall, it is dark by six or so. This allows for three or more extra hours to spend with the family or others. This is extra time for TV or other activities that you may be interested in.

Another way it allows for extra time with others is with the holidays it brings. The holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving allow for more time with families and getting together.

What does having more time have to do with the senses? It allows you to feel the love more with your family or friends. Especially during the holidays.

The sounds of the season

Fall brings many sounds that are unique.

One sound is of the games that go on. A person is sure to find a sport of their likeing. What more popular sounds of fans that at these games. Think of it: the World Series, the football season, and the hockey league. These games bring the sounds and vibes at each game.

The smells of Fall

Fall can be full of aromas also.

The leaves that came down can be a source of arousal for your nose. For communities that allow leaf burning it can be the smell of leaves smoking away their year of growth. It is not for everyone, but it is there for the taking.

Related to this, is the smell of burning wood. As it gets colder, wood fills the air to heat the houses. Now this is a smell that is easier to get used to.

Another good smell is the smell of food cooking in the oven at thanksgiving. The turkey and the fixins helps to start the holidays well.

The taste of Fall

Fall allows for many chances to taste the season.

Buttery biscuits with melted butter from the oven or a hot piece of pie with ice cream on it. These are some of the tastes of the season, during Thanksgiving.

How about the sweet taste of candy and more candy. During Halloween, this is what we get to expereince.

Then there is the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmstands. This is a delightful experience, especially for the vegans out there.

Change Your Attitude

As you can see, if you change your attitude about Fall, you can enjoy it with any of your scenses.

You will be able to see all of the colors of the season as the trees gear up for their winter survival.

You will be able to hear the changes of the season, when you attend a game or listening to the music leading up to Christmas.

You will be able to feel positive feelings as you are around loved ones during the longer evenings and the holidays.


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