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How to make Christmas ornaments?

Updated on December 23, 2013

Using homemade Christmas ornaments are among the best ways to decorate the Christmas tree and your home during Christmas. The steps to make some Christmas ornaments at home are discussed below.

How to make a ‘countdown paper chain’ Christmas ornament?

It is a fantastic Christmas ornament which you can make in the first few days of December and thus begin the countdown to the New Year.

Things needed: You will need colorful glitter, black marker, colorful chart paper, glue gun, puncher, scissors, ruler and colorful ribbons.

The Procedure: Cut out the different colored chart papers into 6 by 6 inch shapes. The different colors will represent the different days of the month. It may be noted that December consists of 31 days. Hence accordingly cut out the chart papers. Then use a puncher to cut holes in a straight line. Smoothen the holes with a ruler. Pass a colorful ribbon across the punched holes of two chart paper cut-outs. Do not use just one single ribbon for the entire set. When the all the ribbons have been tied, the complete piece should appear as a chain of connecting links.

After all the colorful chart paper cutouts have been strung together, write out the numbers from one to 31, in a thick and bold font, and in a lively script. You can make it appear more jovial and Christmassy by adding Christmas-like details on each date. For example, you can draw a white and red striped candy cane on the 1st December cutout, a reindeer on 2nd, a stocking on 3rd, and so on. The 25th and 31st of December should have a different font and unique designs to highlight the fact that they represent Christmas day and New Year’s eve, respectively.

Ensure that the colors are bright and striking, thereby making the countdown Christmas ornament all the more prominent. Hang this homemade chain calendar in a section of your home where it is clearly visible. You may use glitter to ‘x’ each day as it passes.

How to make an ‘angel garland’ Christmas ornament?

The sight of a Christmas tree adorned by a garland of lace angels can be quite stunning. It can be easily made at home.

Things needed: You will need cotton balls, white lace, white satin ribbon and yellow and white wool.

The Procedure: Cut the white lace fabric into a square measuring 11/11 inches. Put a cotton ball in the middle of this fabric and then fold it into a ball. Use white wool to tie and hold them together. This will then become the gown and head of the angel. Create the belt by fastening a yellow string around the angel dress. Use another piece of yellow string to create a halo. Attach it to the back of the angels head. The angel is now ready. You can create many such angels and then string them together with a white satin ribbon to create a garland of angels.

How to make a ‘Santa Claus’ Christmas ornament?

Things needed: You will need 8 big craft sticks, scissors, colorful ribbons, acrylic paints, a pair of undulating eyes, super glue, red chart paper and cotton.

The Procedure: Glue six craft sticks together using glue. Let it dry. It is a good option to do all the glue work in advance. Once the sticks are glued firmly, glue the remaining two sticks over the six sticks in a horizontal manner. Ensure to leave a gap of two inches above.After the glue has dried, lightly paint both sides of vertical sticks in pink so that they look like the rosy cheeks of Santa. The horizontal sticks should be colored bright white. Stick cotton at the base of the vertical sticks to create the beard.The beard should be long and fall below the end of the sticks. Now put on the wiggly eyes. Cut the red chart paper in a triangular shape and glue about four of them together to get the appropriate thickness. Glue it on top of the white horizontal sticks and adorn its tip with a ball of cotton. This will be Santa’s hat. Make about five to six such Santa Clauses. Later, punch a hole through the hat and pass a golden thread through it. Your Santa Claus Christmas ornament is now ready to be hung.

How to make a ‘pine tree’ Christmas ornament?

Things needed: You will need green, red, brown, and yellow card papers, a puncher and a white satin ribbon.

The Procedure: Sandwich the red and yellow card papers between two green ones. Cut it out in the shape of a pine tree. Take out the red card paper and punch random holes in the rest. Now remove the yellow pine tree cutout and punch holes in it. Take the brown card paper and cut out the shape of a tree trunk. Place it between the yellow and red card papers, with a part of it jutting out. Stick all of them together. The pine tree Christmas ornament is ready. You may make several such pine trees, punch a hole at the top and string a white satin ribbon through the holes to create a garland of pine trees. Merry Christmas.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Awww, how pretty. I just love home-made ornaments. Just about everything on our tree, with the exception of a few gifts, is home made. We're always looking for new ideas or styles to go with each December. I love your picture, it's a little blurry but the ornament looks so pretty.


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