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How to make a BOO! Banner Halloween Decoration

Updated on September 1, 2014

Halloween "Boo!" Banner

Welcome your guests with this fun banner!

This easy Halloween Craft will let you make your own Halloween welcoming banner. It's perfect for hanging over doorways, or across mantles, or even just dressing up a blank bit of wall.

This is a fun craft to do with kids. All you need is:

  • Construction Paper
  • Yarn
  • Glue Stick (or glue)
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!



Decide What to Say!

My Halloween Banner says “BOO!”, but yours can say anything you want it to! The only thing to keep in mind is how long an area to have to string it across.

There are two ways to make the front part of the letter blocks.

  1. Cut out 2.5 inches by 3 inch rectangles of black construction paper, (one per letter), and then use a stencil template to cut out your letter from orange construction paper. Glue the letters onto the center of each rectangle and let them dry; Or…

  2. Use a color printer to print orange font (size 175) onto black back ground. I used a spread sheet, with the cells at 2.5 inches by 3 inches, Then cut them out.

If you have scrap-booking scissors or pinking shears, this would be a great opportunity to use them to dress up the edges of the black rectangles.


Make the Orange Background Rectangles

For each letter, (or piece of punctuation), you’ll need one 3 inch by 4.25 inch piece of orange construction paper.

On the back, mark off the point 3.5 inched for one end. Do this on every piece.

Later, when you're putting the letters onto the fronts of the orange pieces, remember that the line you drew will be closest to the TOP edge. (If you do it any other way, your letters won't be right-side up when you're finished!)

There are some great Construction Paper Deals online...

They should look like this.
They should look like this. | Source

Fold all the Orange Rectangles.

Fold inward on that line on each rectangle. If you draw a hard line with a ball-point pen, it should have made an indentation that will practically fold itself.


Add the Fronts.

Now turn each orange rectangle over and care fully glue a letter, (or piece of punctuation), to each one.

But sure they’re on straight and centered. And be sure they’re right side up! (The folded edge is the TOP.)

My Favorite Glue Stick

I like glue sticks, because the glue never runs, and I can see exactly where I'm putting it. This one even goes on purple, and then dries clear. Very cool!


Pile of letters?

Eventually you should have a whole pile of letters on backings that are folded back at the top edge of each one, like these…


Add Glue.

Next, add about a quarter-inch stripe of glue to the farthest edge of the back of the orange rectangle.

(Purple glue stick makes it easy to see and aim the glue!)

I put a white piece of scrap paper behind it, so that I wouldn’t accidentally get glue on the table.


Align Yarn.

Lay your piece of yarn along the line you drew earlier.


Create Tunnel.

Fold on that line, making sure you keep the yarn away from the glue.

This should create a tunnel that the yarn can slide freely through.


Complete Your Message.

Keep adding your letters (and punctuation!), in order. Don't forget to leave enough extra string or yarn at each end of your message. You need it to be long enough to reach to places you'll be tying it unto, with enough enough to do the tying.

Also, when deciding how long your string should be, think about the amount of 'droop' that you want your banner to have. Pull the string tighter to make your banner more of a straight line, and looser to have more of a curve to it.

Alternate Way to String Your Banner:

If your letters accidentally get out of order, and they've already been glued, just pull the yarn out and re-string them using a very small crochet hook. I used this one, and it worked great for me.

You could also use this method to create new messages from already-made letters. You could just make up an assortment of letters, and combine them for a new message whenever you like.


Hang your Banner!

Now, just nail or tape the ends of the yarn to a wall your above a door frame to welcome your Halloween guests!

Your letters should hang individually. You’ll probably need to space them out by hand after you hang your banner.

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    • MelRootsNWrites profile image

      Melody Lassalle 3 years ago from California

      This is a clever, easy way to make a banner. I bet this would be a good project to do with kids.