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How to make christmas greeting card - Step by step for kids

Updated on January 30, 2014


Christmas is near and celebration time is coming with exchanging, gifts and cards, waiting for santaclaus, cakes and cookies and lot more. Kids enjoy this season for sure and one thing i have noticed is that they love to make greeting cards on their own to gift to their parents and friends. Greeting cards that kids make are so simple with not very clean lines and full of crayons but there is something which is so cute in these cards which cannot be described and even the printed version of kids words looks so amazing.The one image that you see on the top is of the christmas greeting card made by me and the image 2 is done by a six years old boy who is my student also. So the result can be seen and admired and one thing is pretty sure that when christmas combines with drawing it become more and more interesting and fun for the children to explore their talent and creativity.

For christmas greeting card when kids are making few drawing are important to learn like the christmas tree, a snowman, to draw a simple church is optional and not to forget is the evergreen Santaclaus. So we will learn here how to draw all these four following drawings-

1. How to draw a santaclaus,

2. How to draw a christmaas tree,

3. How to draw a snowman,

4. How to draw a church.

Materials required

1. One A4size pastel sheet of any light colour,

2. Pencil, eraser, pointed black pen for the outline, kids can also use black sketch pen,

3. Plastic crayons faber castlle 12 shades pack is used here but any other medium can aslo be used.

I have used pointed pen for the outline to maintain the neatness and same is the reason to use plastic crayons because these are soft and pointed and easy to handle for children.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How to draw a chrismas tree

1. First fold the pastel sheet into half,

2. Now draw a slightly wavy line just above the edge of the paper,

3. Now draw a big traingle as the base to make the tree,

4. Now add a rectangle below the triangle for the tree trunk,

5. Form the shape of the tree as seen in the image step by step,

6. add a little snow at the bottom of the trunk,

7. Add a big star at the top of the tree,

8. Decorate your tree with toffees, bells, snataclaus cap, snow, ribbons or gifts.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How to draw a snowman

Kids learn this one very easily because it requires just the cicles,

1. Draw first big circle over the line drawn at the bottm,

2. Draw a slightly reduced second circle above this,

3. Now draw a small circle on top of second for the face,

4. Add hat at the head,

5. Draw nose like carrot, draw eyes and mouth,

6. Now draw mufflar around the neck,

7. Draw gloves and stick in his hand..

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How to draw this simple church

To draw the church,

1. Draw a triangle and one very thin rectangle below the triangle,

2. Draw one big rectangle for the main church part and draw 2 -3 steps below this rectangle,

3. Draw a U shape door and draw a cross on top of the church,

4. Draw a bell inside the triangle.

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How to draw Santa Claus

To draw a Santa Claus,

1. Draw the cap first as seen in the imgae,

2. Now Draw a U shape just below the cap,

3. Now draw a center rounded nose, moustaches, eyebrows and eyes,

4. Just add few line on the beard part,

5. Now draw 2 lines slightly slanted on both the right and the left side, start these lines just below the beard and extend them upto the bottom.

6. Draw one inverted V shape to show both the legs apart,

7. Add shoes and little white cotton part,

8. Draw belt and pockets at the center of his dress,

9. To draw the left hand draw 2 slanting lines coming down, draw gloves and bag full of gifts,

10. To drraw the right hand draw 2 slanting lines going upwards and add gloves.

11. You can also add collar and buttons also.

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Coloring and variations

Now draw a curve shape string on bothe sides of the church and decorate it by using just the bas shapes like, V, or U or W or square. Now draw moon in the sky and add some stars. You can show snow all over the card by drawin circles.

Once your drawing is done do the outline using black pointed pen. Just erase all the drawing lightly just to remove all the pencil marks to keep the drawing neat.

Now colour your drawing using plastic crayons, these will not be very dark as we actually need to show that it is night but they give a nice effect. You can always change the colors of your choice like you can use black for the sky and dark blue below the string line.

After you are done with the colors write merry christmas over the snow part below and write your message inside.

Kids can make their card by just drawing a big Santa on the front part and or may be just christmas tree with snowman standing with his baby with gifts as seen in the images below.

So i hope many of you kids will try and make this one to gift to your dear ones.

How to colour the card

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