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How to make your tour successful

Updated on July 14, 2016

Steps to follow for a successful tour

Tour is a word used to define a journey taken for a pleasure whereby an individual or many people visit different places to explore and have fun. I am one of those people who really like touring. One of the advantages of traveling is that you discover new things. You think you know much until you travel to places meet new people add more knowledge as you mingle with them. I used to be so shy until I joined a group which really boosted my self-esteem so much through socializing. I wrote these steps because one day I was traveling for a vacation and found myself mixed up. With my notes on my laptop, I will quickly refer to them anytime I am planning a vacation. This helps me to save time if you understand that last minute rushes, it makes me save more money since I take my time to plan for it.

These are some of the steps before I start any tour journey

Always everything starts with planning you will find yourself ignoring some of the things and assuming you know everything. Remember taking a written note is better than the one in your mind. It’s like your guideline. I always take a note and start planning my tour. The reason for this been I don't want any inconvenience with my journey I want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Now you have the plan it’s good to decide where you want to go for your tour. If you are going as a group, consult with the other people you are traveling with. At least you will help one another with the ideas but if you have no company worry not because you can make Google your friend and search for best places to go.

Means of transport
Choose means of transport which you will be comfortable with. You can as well compare the prices of the transport. But what I always want for myself is reliability, comfortability, accessibility and convenience it really matters a lot. Others they do change the departure time and they don’t even bother to inform their passengers. I once saw this in Nairobi my pal booked for a ticket then they changed the time and she was not aware it was a disappointment to her. To avoid this choose well your means of transport as I said do your research and also consult your friends.

Amount of money you need for the whole tour
I will do my calculation from transport to accommodation and expenses and also some amount for an emergency. Being confirmed the means of transport I want to use, the hotel I will stay and also for other expenses at least I know how much I can save for it.

If you love traveling and you don't have that cash don’t perish. So long as you have that passion you will get money for it. Just minimize your expenses and save that money for your tour. There is much money especially me you find yourself using with irrelevant things. If you save it you will be surprised you got money for your tour from that cash.

Vaccines and emergency kit
If I am traveling to a different place I will always have an emergency kit may be you can be so tired and have a headache, have a small injury that needs to be attended to. If your traveling areas that also needs to be vaccinated please do so especially if you are with kids, kids are very sensitive when it comes to change of climate.

Now everything is onset you can start your journey
N.B I always pray before anything so before traveling pray for journey mercies I always put God first he is the control of everything.

Enjoy your tour
It took you quite a time to plan for this tour no need to be bored enjoy it to the fullest. I always ask questions for what I don't know there is a saying and I quote ‘'kuliza si ujinga’’ Meaning asking is not foolishness. So keep asking what you don't know. In that way, you will be enlightened.

Having discussed these steps which I normally follow traveling has been made easier. Let us enjoy our tour. If I didn't mention anything and you feel is important don't hesitate to add it.
love you so much
Enjoy your weekend guys


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