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Party ideas: How to organise a surprise birthday for your husband

Updated on October 19, 2014
Chelsea team cake
Chelsea team cake | Source

It was four days to my husband birthday and a surprise party was just an idea gift from me. Though he always told me he never like the idea of celebrating his birthday because he just doesn't like been the centre of attention but then again, I wanted to take the risk. The first thing I did was to inform someone else because throwing a surprise party requires the help from someone who could help you pull it through, you can hardly do it alone. Unlike me who made my plans within a very short period, it is necessary to leave enough time for preparation but not too long for the celebrant to be suspicious.

Things to consider when organising a surprise party

Make a budget and guest list! I didn't have enough time to make invitation card so I just opted for my phone to call close friends and families after their working hours. Meanwhile, I kept all my phone conversation discreet from the celebrant. I informed my proposed guest about the party time, venue, which was in our house and apologized for late invitation. Fortunately, I received RSVP from most of my invitees immediately which made my plan effective while reminding them to keep it secret.

Make all your parties orders: I called the catering service, to order for cake, snack and some of the food. Depending on where you choose for your venue, it always necessary to include varieties of recipe in your menu so that your guest could make different choices. I shopped for all party supplies ranging from disposable plates in different sizes, paper towels, wipes, napkins, disposable cups and cutleries, balloons, Helium balloons, water, soft drinks, wines, ice cream and chocolate. Your celebrant’s age should definitely determine the party supplies. Always have this in mind, this is a surprise party and so keep all the items away from the celebrant though I was able to hide all this items around the house without him seeing them. In some cases, you might have to keep all the party supplies with your close ones or hide them in your storage.

Party Theme: My husband is a Chelsea fan so the party theme revolves around Chelsea FC so was the cake and Party decorations. In choosing a party theme, consider what you think the celebrant would love and appreciate.

Party Ideas: Think of a surprise idea, how to pull it off and how unique would it be to the celebrant. However, make sure it is an idea they would never suspect. What I did was to inform his cousin whom they are very close. He asked my husband to come with him and get a surprise gift for his wife at the mall unknowingly that the surprise was for him. They left the house at 3.10pm, all my food supplies arrived at 3.30pm and the guest arrived at 4.00pm parking their cars out of site. The celebrant and his cousin arrived at 4.30pm opening the door and seeing party guest screaming surprise! Happy birthday! He was so thrilled and happy, the party went well as planned, enough foods, drinks, music and football for the boys.

Let me know what you think, have you ever planned a surprise party?


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    • profile image

      RonnieRonke 2 years ago

      I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my hubby too! I feel So excited reading How you planned yours.

    • lola oyedotun profile image

      Lola Oyedotun-Balogun 3 years ago from Calgary

      I guess by now you must have done the party- I hope it went well

    • profile image

      Yemisi 3 years ago

      wow... I like planning a surprise birthday pary for my husband, he's also a Chelseaa fan.