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How to personalize birthday presents

Updated on March 14, 2016

Looking for ideas for original gifts? Here are my tips for creating original gifts for friends', boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s, mom’s, dad’s, grandmother’s, grandfather’s... etc., birthdays, for it is not an uncommon occurrence that when a significant date appears on the calendar some of us wonder what to give!

Whether it is a girlfriend or a boyfriend, mom or dad, we all find ourselves in a similar situation- trying to create ideas that we simply do not have. Avoid some of the classic mistakes with giving away aftershaves, ties, wallets... You will agree those are not very original gifts for fathers. In many cases, person celebrating birthday and not drawing up a list of their own desires, can put us in great difficulty!

Different occasions call for different types of gifts, and imagination and good memory do not always serve us best. In other words, we will often find ourselves in need of incentives and guidance from the outside. Today, with the help of the Internet, television, magazines and radio receivers we are simply out of excuses!

When thinking up of a birthday present attention should not be focused only on the receiver of a gift. Of course, it is of great benefit if you know his or her interests and hobbies. However, the gift also requires expressing yourself. A personalized gift itself becomes more genuine, sincere and special.

Also, once the gifts are open, it is important to pay attention to the following, especially if you are new to the person or they are new to you. For example, celebrity perfumes, ties or shirts may direct your mind into characterizing the other person as a disinterested one, one that was not looking for a gift for a long time, or that the present itself is purchased at the last moment.

A person who likes to be regarded and recognized as the best of the best will buy something expensive, but when you open it, you have to be astonished and delighted, as the other person would otherwise hang down their nose to the floor and pout at least for a month, if not longer. Of course, the present itself is merely a pure compensation for uncertainty and fears that such person has.

Egoists will present you with something that they themselves want to get- the best example is the one of parents who buy toys for their children, which are later more used by the parents themselves rather than the kids. Also, a boy who buys girlfriend a provocative underwear, and sometimes a CD of his favorite group. Be sure, such a person is interested only in themselves.

Rebels will usually get you nothing but tirades about consumerism, human stupidity and similar stories, so it is best if you do have such a partner to sign a mutual pact on not buying presents, in order not to feel stupid because you're always the one that is buying.

Two-faced people give things that point out one's weakness, for instance kitchen utensils, a book aimed on weight loss or a dictionary of foreign words. If you do get something like that, and it is not your thing or what you do, you know who you are dealing with.

Now, let us switch to creative part of the story! I present you with few examples that I made using love, imagination and a minimal amount of money.

Homemade bug terrarium

Bug terrarium- if you have a friend who is passionate about insects, this is the ideal gif! All you have to do is sneak a peek into your kitchen, take a plain jar and drill some holes in it, and fill the interior with dirt and seeds.

Improvised sculpture

Making an improvised sculpture- the thingy shown on the photograph is a combination of different house elements, to be named: toilet paper, a tampon, a plastic fork, strings, sticky tape... All the stuff you can find in your own home. By far and large, the most important ingredient is your own creativity!

First time face painting

Face painting- the process itself does not require great painting skills, ingredients I used include flour and tempera paint. This kind of gift also leaves you with a large number of possibilities. Try to remember who’s the favorite comic book hero or which of the cartoon characters are especially dear to person you are about to surprise? Sponge Bob? Garfield? Spiderman? The sky is the limit!

Bro-sis love

Make a cool video using basic knowledge of Microsoft Movie Maker. Video attached is a set of photos that show my brother and I growing up together. My trick is that I chose only those photographs that show my brother being terribly unhappy when near me, think up your own!

Unexpected bathroom surprise

Unexpected surprise- the image shown is a gift that I prepared for a friend who was celebrating birthday and also temporarily fought with impotence (that is how much he was willing to share). I watched his concern, the waiting for the test results... In the end everything turned out well, for he did manage a one night stand, and such a surprise added some laughter in the process.

Gentle guitar for gentle tones

A ''real'' piece of art- if you know how to play an instrument, do painting, enjoy writing... It is always a good idea to surprise your loved ones with this kind of present. Even if you are not talented in any of the above mentioned artistic fields, remember this truth, what counts is the intention!

Hope you enjoyed!

If you should not have them as personalized, one can always bring up the funny stuff:

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