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How to put lights on a Christmas tree?

Updated on December 13, 2013

Lights are very essential to the general decoration of your home during Christmas. It is not possible to imagine this festive time without the lighting. Lights are also the first things that come to our mind when decorating a Christmas tree. A lot of us may have preserved the Christmas lights from previous years, while some tend to buy new ones. In either case, it is essential to follow certain steps while hanging lights on a Christmas tree.

People can go for indoor as well as outdoor lighting. The choice of lights is vast, ranging from icicle lights to rice lights. Rice lights are recommended for adorning the Christmas tree because they offer the right kind of color and light without being overly bright. LED Christmas lights are also quite stunning.

New patterns and styles of Christmas lights are created every year. Therefore, even if you have Christmas lights from previous years, it is always better to go for new ones. Hanging new kinds of lights on the Christmas tree every year is an altogether different joyous experience.

Hanging lights on a Christmas tree

Christmas is a time that needs to be spent rejoicing with family, friends, and loved ones. You will be able to spend more time with them only if you finish the Christmas decorations quickly. The below listed tips will help you put up different kinds of lights on the Christmas tree.

  • Selecting the lights: It is important to remember that choosing the right type of lights is vital to beautiful and efficient Christmas decorations. It is important to select lights only after you have chosen a particular theme for your home and Christmas tree. The lights should not clash with the overall theme. Measure the height and width of the Christmas tree to verify the quantity of lights that you will possibly need.You need to choose the Christmas tree lights after taking everything into consideration. Changing them later will only result in changing the entire Christmas decoration setup.
  • Functional Christmas tree lights: It is important to check whether the lights are working, irrespective of whether they will be hung outdoors or indoors. Often some bulbs in a string may not work, while in other cases a lot of bulbs are not functional. Before you begin hanging the lights on your Christmas tree, lay them down on the floor and verify whether each and every bulb is working or not, and whether any of them is broken. In case there are problems, get them exchanged or repair them.
  • The process of hanging lights on a Christmas tree: After confirming the full functionality of lights, you can start putting them on your Christmas tree. The lights can be put from the top-down or from bottom-up. Do not begin in the middle. After putting on a few lights check their display.It is also important to commence hanging the lights before or after you have hung the Christmas ornaments. Take care to avoid covering one with the other.
  • Choosing the patterns: You also need to think of a pattern in which the lights will be hung on your Christmas tree. Some individuals may hang the lights at random, while others like a specific pattern to them. These patterns can be horizontal or vertical light displays. If you wish to give a unique look to your Christmas tree decorations, then you can opt for a crisscross pattern.

Precautionary measures: It is important to follow some safety measures when hanging lights either outdoors or indoors. It will ensure that your Christmas celebrations are not disrupted by some unwanted events. A few safety tips are listed below:

  • Always use lights that are meant for outdoors use when lighting a Christmas tree in the yard.
  • It is also important to ensure that well-protected, suitably-placed electrical outlets are available for plugging in the lights when using them outdoors. Install them if they are not there. This will prevent the need for pulling wires over and above their normal capacity.
  • Put the lights on your Christmas tree placed outdoors only during dry and non-slippery days. This will prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Outdoor as well as indoor placement of lights require hooks to hold the lights. It may not be that necessary in case of Christmas trees; but it is a preferable option. Do not use tape to stick the lights onto the tree branches.
  • When using a ladder, ensure that someone else is holding the ladder steady for you. Avoid putting up the Christmas tree lights on your own. Always have someone help you do it.

All the above listed precautionary measures will ensure that you are able to truly showcase the joys and Christmas spirit that you feel inside of you. You can go for simple or elaborate lighting of your Christmas tree. It may however be noted that you will need the same amount of time to take down the lights as needed to put them up.


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    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 

      5 years ago

      I only have a 2' tree at the moment but I will definitely remember all of these precautions for when I get a taller tree.

      This Hub was very useful for putting up the lights and very well written too. I gave it a thumbs up on the HubHopper!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      5 years ago

      Lights are my favorite part of the tree, but they can be such a pain in the neck sometimes. It seems every year I forget whatever it was I learned about a better way to handle it the year before. I should just print this out and stick it to my box of lights. Nice hub :-)


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