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How to save or get free Christmas cards

Updated on January 16, 2009

How to get free Christmas cards or save a bunch on them

Decorative Christmas cards nowadays, can easily amount to cost $4-$5 dollars each. While normally these prices may be acceptable, in today's economy, this price tag may appear unacceptable. Then what to do if you do not want to skip this year's card sending routine but yet you do not want to end up spending all your Christmas shopping savings? Here are some great alternatives: 

1) Head to the dollar store

This is where I go for Christmas cards, wrapping paper and strings. Last year I got 5 cards for $1 dollar, so I bought twenty five cards at the price of one Hallmark card! As I head for the card section, I end up then buying other great Christmas supplies such as centerpieces and Christmas tree decorations.

2) Go online

There are several free card websites that offer a lot of Christmas card options. These can be customized so that you can add the names of your loved ones and your signature. You have the option of sending the cards via e-mail or printing them out and mailing them normally. I prefer this latter option, nothing feels better than opening the mailbox and finding cards from loved ones to display on your table.

3) Make it yourself

I still have personalized Christmas cards made by my nieces when they were small kids. The drawings are almost scribbles, but it brings back great memories of when they were small. There are many options when you make cards yourself and several books have been published to supply ideas. The sky is the limit!

4) Buy them on Ebay

Even if you have to pay for shipping, cards from Ebay may still cost less than the ones found in stores. You can therefore, stay cozy at home while shopping for the most decorative Christmas cards. Expect to find great bargains and even some quite unique cards!

5) Buy in bulk

Sometimes, the more you buy the more you save. I still have Christmas cards from last year! This is a great idea if you know lots of people and your sending list is long. While buying in bulk means lots of duplicate cards, nobody will know that you have sent uncle Sam the same card you have just sent cousin Mary.

6) Use postcards

Save on stamps and more since postcards cost a lot less. Give a post card of your town covered in snow and make it colorful and decorative. The recipients will still enjoy your seasonal greetings at 1/3 of the cost!

7) Trim your list

Are you sending out more cards than you are receiving? Then time has come to trim your list and save some money! Limit sending cards only to those that have the decency of sending you a card back or at least responding with a phone call. This natural selection seems fair enough.

8) Use Facebook

Almost everybody has a facebook account today. Try to use Facebook to send this year's happy Christmas cards. There are several options and Facebbok also allows you to put virtual gifts under other user's virtual Christmas trees!

9) Make a phone call

Long distance 10 cents a minute phone calls may cost less than a card plus postage. If you keep it short, you will certainly save! Call those that you care about. Many times a phone call may be much warmer and have a greater impact than a card!

10) Invite them over

If you live in a small town, simply invite your friends over and let them have some cookies and hot chocolate. Wish them a Merry Christmas and that will do. Actually, they will cherish the time spent with you much more than receiving a card in the mail.

As seen there are many alternatives to saving on Christmas cards. Whichever you choose, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See, just saved myself from sending you a Christmas card!

Some great deals on Christmas cards!


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    • profile image

      Robert Elias Ballard 

      8 years ago

      You have great ideas here, great hub!


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