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How to set A Thanksgiving Table

Updated on October 6, 2010

Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Having a Thanksgiving Table that is set perfectly shows your creativity and commitment to your family and friends.  I love being able to set my Thanksgiving Table and look back and see how beautiful and elegant it looks.

There are some important features that will really bring out your Thanksgiving Table.

Before Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

There are two very important steps before setting your Thanksgiving Table.

One, a table pad is very important.  Table padding protects your table from scratches, nicks, heat and spills and will preserve your Dining Room Table year after year.  Table Padding also keeps your tablecloth from sliding.

Another step is to make sure you have the right tablecloth size.  Measure your table and decide what size drop you need on each size, the average is 10 inches, you do not want the tablecloth to touch your guests knees.

Your Tablecloth

Choosing your tablecloth begins with the color, for Thanksgiving use the bright, vibrant fall colors, rich oranges, browns and greens. 

A great look is to use a solid base color and use a smaller tablecloth over using a vibrant color and then using a runner. 

This is an elegant look for any table or any season.

Dishes and Silverware

There are many Thanksgiving patterns of dishes, silverware and glassware that will enhance your Thanksgiving Table.

When placing the silverware remember forks on left, spoons on right.

Glassware is placed above the knife on the right hand side of the setting.  If you want to place a coffee setting, place it above the main dinner plate.


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