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How to throw a great house party

Updated on July 7, 2011

Congas are a good bet

Congas are great - but only when played by people with rhythm
Congas are great - but only when played by people with rhythm
Still the kitchen will get busier than this!
Still the kitchen will get busier than this!

Get the party started

I love parties. There I've said it. It's a fact and I'm not ashamed.

I've been throwing them since I was young. Sometimes with parental permission, sometimes without. I kept on doing it right through my twenties (although obviously without parental permission as I flew the nest early).

Anyway this is not some sort of brag. I'm just explaining why I think the below points hold water from long experience.

1. Send out invites. Whether on facebook, email, text, letter or whatever. People need to know you're throwing a party if they are to come. Explain the vibe in the invite, for example, fancy dress or something more laid back like a beach party of board shorts and animal flip flops. Book them and they will come.

2. Play good music. Not always easy for some. Hopefully you have a mate who is a good DJ. Failing that at least put together a good itunes mix. Definitely do not allow people to keep putting on their own ipod. The stop start motion is enough to kill any party. Spend time on your playlist and people will spend time dancing.

3. Empty your fridge. You will need about 4 fridges. As you probably don't have these make sure the one you have is totally empty. That means throwing out all those old jars at the back. Admit it, you're never going to finish that old jar of chutney/pickled onions/mayo. People need cold beer. Make it a priority.

4. Clean the kitchen. It's going to become the busiest room. You may want the lounge to be the busiest but it won't be. It will be the kitchen. Leave lots of space on the counters for people to lean. Remove stuff that can be knocked over and break.

5. Leave the alphabet fridge magnets. Someone is going to think they are the funniest person ever. So let them have their moment as they put together the sentence 'Ruby loves big bum willies'/'Steve has no friends and likes tarts'/'Paulie smells of cheese and likes maggots'. In the morning you'll smile and then mix them up again.

6. Leave buckets of sand by the back door. People will smoke. If you don't want them in the house make it obvious where you want them to put cigarettes out. Also don't be tempted to smoke again. It took you years to quit. Don't undo all that work just because it's your party.

7. Dance like you've never danced before. You are the host. Get the vibe going. Show all the strangers that they too can relax. If the host is dancing like a loon then they can too. Throw off the shackles on behalf of the whole party. Then sit back and wait for the girls/gents to flock in... or not.

8. Sort of keep an eye on the front door. Some gate crashers can be great fun and your new best friends (depends which drug you're on though). Others were simply not born to meet other people. Keep a mental checklist of who you can rely on should things get ugly. Also keep note of where you last saw your biggest mates. They may be needed soon. No good if they're already passed out.

9. Introduce strangers to each other. You are the host. Make people feel welcome. If you think some people will hit it off introduce them. If you think they'll hate each other, don't. You have the power to play cupid so use it wisely.

10. Enjoy yourself, it's your party! Some people get stressed out at their own party. Don't! Let it be.

I hope some of these points have been useful. Please leave comments if you have more. I did think of others but I've tried to prioritise and keep to a list of 10 for starters.

Thanks for reading!


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    • profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      I have a house with like twenty rooms in & a really cool basement with game's & dvd's it has wonderful asmefey & my birthday is like near halween so my theme is halween. (:

    • profile image

      nrm 5 years ago

      I like your article it helped

      i personally thank that you should have space for people to crash at ur house too so they arnt like outside and in the kitchen floor but i used some of ur tips.

    • profile image

      Mabel 5 years ago

      Being a girl i think it's really important that you have a place for people to put their bags and feel happy leaving them there... just thought i'd get that out there.

    • Fraser Nuttall profile image

      Fraser Nuttall 7 years ago from Canada

      Good article, I enjoyed.

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 7 years ago from Indiana

      The music is very important. You really have to know your audience. If you're like me and don't really care for playing hit music, you can get talked about real bad. Take it from me.