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How to avoid the hassles of gift buying, and still be a Holiday Hero.

Updated on March 22, 2017

Every year he turns out to be the Christmas gift guru.

Each year about the first of November, my husband makes a declaration that he will not enter the mall or local department store until the end of February. He hates crowds, rude people, and trying to compete for a parking spot in the already overcrowded parking lots. Yet, every year he turns out to be the Christmas gift guru, the guy that gets everyone the perfect gift. He sits, with a smile of self satisfaction, as the rest of us wonder in bewilderment just how he did it – again.

The women plan early too.

The women of the family start planning, what we consider early, the week before Thanksgiving. Searching the papers and Internet for those promising Black Friday Deals! Thanksgiving Day, after the sumptuous feast is eaten, the men gather in front of the TV to pay homage to the football gods while the women gather around the cleared dining table with sale papers spread out. Items are circled, store hours noted, and a carefully calculated plan made. The ladies know what time to leave in the dark hours, which store to meet at and who is responsible to procure, however many, of their assigned items.

It seems easy enough; gifts are bought, money saved, the gals have their annual bonding tradition and everyone goes home – exhausted. This year I had to invoke the old saying, “I’m getting to old to do this.” I’m thinking of leaving the Black Friday ritual to the younger generation. Still, the question remains; how to get the grand kids, nieces, nephews and our own kids the perfect gifts? They were always there to give vital hints on those Black Friday shopping excursions.

I begged him to reveal his secrets.

I petitioned the Christmas Gift guru and begged him to reveal his secrets of success, which he did with remarkably little coaxing. So, with delight, I share these secrets. He said he did not mind, if it will help keep the roads safe and add some peace to everyone else’s holidays.


The Wish List

As a child, I remember mother handing me the Sears or the Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog. (Talk about giving away your age) I would sit for hours thumbing through the pages of toys and clothes with a pen, circling all the items I would love to have. I remember Mother chastising me once because I had circled so much. She felt I was being selfish and inconsiderate. After that, I took more time to decide if the items I circled were something I needed or just wanted. When I got older, I had to write out a list of things I liked that was sent to grandparents who lived in another state. Always being careful not to sound too greedy, I continued to adhere to deciding if my list contained things that were needs or wants. This continues to guide my responses to this day, when asked, what I want for Christmas.

Online Wish List

Now in the days of the Internet, with access to just about any leading department store and / or manufacturer in existence, we have the ability to make a “wish list” online. This is a modern advantage that I support FULLY!

Many families no longer reside in the same cities or towns, let alone, states or countries. Encouraging family members of all ages to create their wish list on-line can make gift buying, and even shipping less stressful. If you are like so many of us, whose lives are busy with work, and a list of responsibilities too long to name, you yearn for a more peaceful Holiday Season. By having family members make their wish lists on line, you can have that dream come true Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! | Source


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