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How to Host a Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

Updated on February 19, 2013

A teddy bear themed baby shower makes a great shower theme for a boy, girl, or for those situations where the sex of the baby will be a surprise. It’s a cute theme that can be done on a budget and it’s relatively easy to pull off (shhh...I won’t tell if you don’t).

Decoration Ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Get some actual teddy bears—and lots of ’em! This doesn’t have to cost you a lot. Borrow from friends and family, check out your local dollar store, or buy in bulk online. It’s super easy to raise the cute factor by setting bears all around the room, on the couches as throw pillows, on the buffet table, and anywhere else you can find a spot. At the end of the party, bears can be sent home as favors or used for game prizes.

Bear shaped honey on the buffet table makes a cute decoration (and these honey jars can also be used as game prizes, party favors, or as actual condiments...more on food ideas below).

Consider choosing a couple colors and try to stick to them for decorating and for your tableware. Brown (since it’s the color of most teddy bears) and just about any other color usually work well together. For a girl, brown and the classic pink work great. Brown and yellow work well when the sex of the baby is unknown—plus you get bonus points since yellow is the color of honey, and bears love honey!


Make your own bear confetti. Most craft stores carry bear-shaped hole punches. Depending on your color scheme, use colored paper to punch out some bear shapes and sprinkle them around all the flat surfaces at your party. It’s also fun to include this confetti in the invitations and/or in the thank you cards.

Another easy, do-it-yourself bear decoration is to make a paper doll chain, only bear style. These paper bear chains can be hung on the walls, wrapped around bowls on the buffet table, strung across doorways, etc. Click here for directions on how to make a paper bear chain from

A special decorative touch is to set bear paw prints on the walkway to the party. This is a great scene setter to get guests into the bear mood! If you have a concrete walkway, use chalk do draw paw prints leading up to the front door.

It's also fun to decorate the mom to-be. Click here to see a cute Mama Bear To-Be maternity shirt, available from Cafe Press, which goes great with a teddy bear baby shower theme.

Food Ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

For simple starters, consider Teddy Grahams and gummy bears to snack on. So cute they also count as a decoration!

For more bear shaped food, use a cookie cutter. But just because it’s called a cookie cutter, doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to cookies (although I sure wouldn’t complain about lots of cookies). Use a bear shaped cookie cutter to cut cheese slices, soft sandwiches or bread slices, Jell-O, deli meats, etc. Try getting a few different cookie cutter sizes for variety.

Another fun option is to create a buffet around a bear’s favorite treat: honey. Have a few different honeys on hand (including some in bear shaped bottles because they’re so cute) and then a variety of foods that go well with honey such as apples, muffins, or scones. A super tasty sweet, and also one that works well to cut out with a bear cookie cutter, is a Nutella and honey sandwich (if you haven’t ever tried that, do so—it’s tasty).

A nice complement to a honey buffet table is a berry platter. After all, berries are another favorite bear treat!

You could also have a honey mustard dipping sauce and serve things that go well with that, such as chicken nuggets and pretzels. And this may be getting fishy, but how about fish sticks, because bears love fish too! A salad with honey mustard dressing, honey glazed chicken, honey this, and honey that would all be super sweet.

Drink Ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

To quench your guest’s thirst, how about “beary” punch? Mix 2 liters of 7-Up or Sprite and 1 pint of pink lemonade in a large punch bowl. Add scoops of strawberry and/or raspberry sorbet (about a pint’s worth of sorbet total). Give it a nice stir and serve with a ladle. Yummy!

If it’s winter, a mixed berry tea might be nice. This goes especially well if you’re serving the honey buffet with muffins or scones. You could do a whole teddy bear theme tea party if you wanted.

Dessert Ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

There are lots of options for bear-shaped cake pans, or if you’re feeling adventurous, check out this video on how to make a bear shaped cake. It’s a good video that even shows you how to give your teddy bear cake a furry look! The resulting cake is awesome, plus it’s easier than it looks and well worth the effort. (Note: in the video it says to discard the scraps of cake as you’re cutting the bear—I’d say discard the scraps of cake by eating them!)

If you're looking for an easier idea, use cupcake toppers or add bear picks to cupcakes. They're cute and festive in no time!

Game Ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

In addition to traditional baby shower games, consider these bear themed game options...

Fill a jar with gummy bears and have guests write down a guess of how many gummy bears are in the jar (you’ll have to count the bears before you put them in and write down the answer in a safe place). The person with the closest guess wins the jar and the bears inside!

Try to put a diaper on a larger teddy bear. Use cloth diapers and safety pins. Have guests break into teams of two. Teams will race head to head to see what team can put the diaper on fastest. But there’s a catch—the two people on the each team have to hold hands while trying to diaper the baby! That means one team member will only be able to use their left hand, and the other team member will only be able to use their right hand. Good luck! Fun variations of this game—try diapering the bear blindfolded or with mittens on. Or blindfolded AND with mittens, but that just might be cruel.

Play hot potato, but instead of a potato, toss around a teddy bear. The winner takes the bear!

Activity Ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Decorate bear shaped cookies. Have a few different colors of frosting or icings, a variety of little candies (e.g. M&Ms, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc.) Guests can take home their yummy cookie creations as party favors. Have paper plates and plastic wrap or plastic containers on hand for cookie transportation.

Fill an unstuffed teddy bear for a sentimental gift. Online or at your local craft store, purchase an unstuffed teddy bear. Have some solid color fabrics, scissors, and permanent markers on hand. Guests can cut the fabric into shapes and write a special message to the baby and/or parent(s). Decide when the bear will be reopened so guests can write messages appropriate to that time (the messages might be very different if you’re saving it for the baby’s 1st vs. 18th birthday). Once all the guests have written messages, stuff the bear with the fabric pieces (and additional stuffing as needed) and sew it up. It’ll be a wonderful gift to open it up down the line and, in the meantime, it’ll be a cute teddy bear!


Invitations for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Zazzle has nice quality and relatively inexpensive invitations that you can personalize. The more invites you buy, the cheaper the price per invite. Most come with envelopes.

Hope you have a beary fun shower!


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