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What's Wrong with Having Christmas Trees in the Home?

Updated on November 24, 2016

Christmas Trees in The Bible

Christmas trees are brought into many homes and churches each year during Christmas, all because of tradition. The Bible has many commandments in it but we all seem to forget or don't seem to care about what the Bible say about Christmas trees being in homes. People think it's alright to bring Christmas trees in their homes since Christians do it all time. Well many of us Christian break God's commandments often and not consciously knowing that we are, such as e-a-t-i-n-g p-o-r-k.

Jeremiah 10:1-8

Hear the word which the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel. Thus the Lord:

Do not learn the way of the Gentiles:

Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven, for the Gentiles are dismayed at them.

For the customs of the peoples are futile; for one cuts a tree from the forest, with the ax.

They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it will not topple.

They are upright, like a palm tree, and they cannot speak; they must be carried, because they cannot go by themselves.

Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, nor can they do any good. Inasmuch as there is none like You, O Lord (You are great, and Your name is great in might),

Who would not fear You, O King of nations?

For this is Your rightful due. For among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like You.

But they are altogether dull-hearted and foolish; a wooden idol is a worthless doctrine.

Jeremiah 10:1-8

The Bible on Christmas Trees
The Bible on Christmas Trees

Break The Traditions That Break Commandments

We don't have to live with traditions and disobey the Word of our Heavenly Father. Once we know better we can do better and a ask God for forgiveness.

Some people that read this article will continue in the Father's light through Christ Jesus and obey his commandments. And there will be those people who will still follow traditions and hate on the Messenger and ignore the message, rather than abiding in the Father's Word. Now that you know better, do better this year or begin doing better next year and not do as the Pagans, Gentiles, or Heathens, by bringing a Christmas tree into your home. If we are Saints of God I pray that we act accordingly, this will be one less commandment that some people have to deal with.

Christmas will still be festive and fun with decorations: lights, poinsettia, Christmas cards, gifts, crafted snowflakes, candy canes, etc.; it's even more fun when we know that we're obeying God's word.

Be Blessed.

♥ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ♥

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How to Make Christmas Snowflakes
How to Make Christmas Snowflakes

How to Make Christmas Snowflakes out of Paper

Many people don't know that having a Christmas tree (pine tree) in their home is against one of God's commandments. This is why the people that know better are not putting Christmas trees in their homes; they would rather put other Christmas decorations in their homes during Christmas time. Making cool paper snowflakes are a way to still keep the Christmas holiday festive without breaking the Bible commandments for the sake of "traditions."

We will get back to discussing "Christmas trees" in the home, but for now we can begin learning step by step on how to make beautiful Christmas snowflakes. This is a craft idea that children will really like to participate in.

Step by Step - Christmas Snowflakes

  1. Get an 8 ½ x 10 sheet of blank paper (no lines).
  2. Place the paper the long way (vertical) in front of you.
  3. Pull the right corner of the paper down as you even the top of the paper with the left side.
  4. There will be about a 2 ½ space at the bottom of the paper, now that you've folded the top along the left side.
  5. Now pull the top left corner of the paper and evenly align it along the right side of the paper, which will now form a triangle.
  6. There is still a 2 ½ space at the bottom of the triangle.
  7. Begin to cut that 2 ½ bottom space off with scissors, and now you just have the triangle.
  8. Fold the triangle in half by meeting the left corner with the right corner.
  9. Make sure to keep the top of your triangle at the top as you keep folding the paper in half.
  10. Fold the triangle in half again as you meet one side of the triangle with the other, there will be about a 1 ½ space at the bottom.
  11. Cut the 1 ½ bottom space off with scissors, now fold the triangle one more time while keeping the top at the top.
  12. Try and make sure the triangle is folded down and creased tight to give the snowflake some definition.
  13. Cut off the very small part at the bottom of this long triangle.
  14. At the tip-top of your long triangle; begin to cut a small or medium size off the tip of the triangle.
  15. Now begin to cut out about 3 small or medium sized triangles or round formations along the creased side of the long triangle, not the folded part.
  16. You may have to pull some of the small cut-out triangles off, only if the small triangle pieces don't fall off after you've cut them out.
  17. Using sharp scissors will be very useful for making snowflakes, but be careful not to cut your fingers.
  18. Now that you've cut out small triangles along the side of the long triangle; begin to open the long triangle all the way, by unfolding it until you see a beautiful Christmas snowflake.

There are a few other ways to make Christmas snowflakes; once you get the idea of making them you can make smaller snowflakes or snowflakes with bigger holes in them. Creativity will go in any direction that you allow.

Your Christmas snowflakes can be any color you want them to be; you can add silver glitter to some of the snowflakes with glue. Also string can be added to each snowflake and hung on the ceiling, or alongside of a wall.

The thing that makes Christmas snowflakes more beautiful is when the Christmas lights are flashing a reflection of color and light on the snowflakes at night.

How to Make Christmas Snowflakes - Do it Yourself Paper Snowflakes
How to Make Christmas Snowflakes - Do it Yourself Paper Snowflakes

Watch this video - How to Make Christmas Snowflakes

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    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 5 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Gallery, thanks for your opinion; but the Bible verses are self-explanatory. (trees decorated with silver and gold, they cannot speak, they must be carried). Exact words in the above verse of scripture.

    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 5 years ago from Virginia

      This hub is pure jehovahs witness poppycock. You've placed physical meanings on verses which is wrong. The reference is not to trees -it's to people.