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Hunting or Manifesting Dreams this Hollows EVE?

Updated on October 30, 2015
Cindy (Flickr) via Wikimedia commons
Cindy (Flickr) via Wikimedia commons

As you celebrate this Hollow’s eve and Halloween know that there is much more happening in the background. From October 30th – Nov 2nd the veil between the physical world and the spiritual realm is thin. We are under a Fool moon or as farmers call it the Hunter’s Moon. This allows you to connect with spirits in particular if you have lost any loved ones. They are closer than ever before. You may notice magical energy during these next few days will be intense but in a good way.

It’s also a time of manifestations and so many going through personal issues that need changing. If you feel your life is stalled currently and you aren’t able to make any progress, now is the optimal time to address it. There is magic in the air and universe. Apart from Halloween being observed as a pagan/wiccan holiday it also signifies the midway mark between fall and winter. Make a list of whatever you want to manifest and write it down. Keep this list and watch how things will be set into motion. Many spiritual individuals truly are able to connect and embrace this time period as it’s sacred.

How to manifest your wishes?

  • Visualize - It’s hard to want something but not be sure how to obtain it. Maintain a clear vision of what you want. See yourself already obtaining what you need or want.

  • Believe – You must believe that what you want to manifest not just be skeptic. No one can realize your dreams and future like you can.

  • Prayer – Praying is powerful. Call upon your angels and archangels to guide you and protect you on this journey. Specifically archangel Michael.

  • Listen – Clear you mind of all the clutter and daily pressures. Listen and it doesn’t require you having clairaudience. Anyone can listen to the sounds around us. Listen to your heart and your environment.

  • Intuition – Trust your intuition and all the signs being given. It doesn’t require rocket science. Think of it like this. You may see a certain fragrance and read the name on the bottle. You see several. You don’t know what it will smell like but most likely your drawn to the beautiful shape and colors, perhaps even the name is catchy. Your interest is now increasing and you decide this is the right one for you. You spray a little on your skin and immediately you know this is the one you want. Well you didn’t know how it would smell by looking at the bottle but something told you that this was the one. You had to trust what you felt in your spirit. That’s the POWER of intuition. Trusting all of your senses and thoughts.

You may be more inclined to receive a psychic or medium reading especially during this time period. Things are seen more clearly and messages become more apparent. Some people will go outside and connect with nature. The thing here is to not lose focus and use these next few days to figure out the areas of your life that you want to improve upon. Relaxation and mediation is also essential.

Pay attention to the signs as many of you often see butterflies, robins, feathers, synchronicities, and dream time may be more lucid. Many of you can sense the energy shifting and it’s more powerful. I had an experience today in which I was coming back home from running errands and I heard my guides/angels tell me that things were going to change in my life for the better. I didn’t understand but I had closed my eyes and as I opened them and looked out the window I noticed two yellow butterflies hovering outside my window. As I was on the road I kept looking out the window and each home I passed had a butterfly appear and hover in the yard. When I arrived home, I was walking up the driveway and a small yellow butterfly crossed my feet. This to me was signs that my angels send me. So everything I heard up to that point was really a validation for me.

I felt so uplifted and today I felt the energy become more prevalent than before.

Some of you may not know what you want to change in your life as sometimes confusion can settle in. Ask yourself what makes you unhappy. Often we continue on complaining about certain areas of our life we want changes but we never want to take chances. The job you have may make you feel miserable. But is it the job or you not addressing it? We can spend a whole lifetime doing something the same way and expecting things to change but if we don’t make changes it won’t happen.

Here are some common areas to look for changes.

  • Job Search – If you are unhappy where you are at for any reason such as personal, financial, conflict of interest and etc. It’s time to start working on your resume and hand them in.

  • Reinvent – Sometimes we are unhappy with our looks. Change something go get your hair done at the salon. Change the color or the hair style. Get a mani/pedi while there.

  • Tired – You are overworked and family life is too demanding. Set some time for yourself. Go out or shop for something for yourself. Cook yourself some dinner and ask a babysitter or family to look after the kids.

  • Décor – Your home is your sanctuary and sometimes things need to be changed to make your environment less cluttered and invite good energy in. Look into Feng shui, open all the windows and let light and air come in, clean or dust all areas, get rid of old things, the more you do to purify your space will make it better and more Zen-like.

While you have a monster mash and let the good times roll, remember to manifest your dreams and goals into reality. Don’t lose precious time and act upon what you want. Don’t sit there and keep hunting for that dream only to wind up empty handed. Put on all your confidence armor and get up and manifest. Blessings in love n light. X


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