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I Love You Gift

Updated on February 7, 2012

Valentine’s Day can seemingly come as a burden when it comes to gift giving for your significant other. Personally, in the past, I have found it hard to find the perfect gift that my boyfriend wants that conveys my feelings. Recently, I found a fun and romantic gift that is perfect for the occasion. I call it the ‘Why I Love You’ gift! The gift idea is simple, fun and is very personable.

This gift idea is a collection of items that include an attached phrase expressing your feelings toward your loved one. The gifts can be a multitude of items that he/she wants or things that they may need. This gift idea can be really inexpensive. I typically like to buy several inexpensive items (little things he can use around the house) and package it with an expensive gift that he really wanted.

Each gift has a theme. Below are examples of gifts and the personal message I would attach expressing my feelings.

Light Bulbs – You light up my life.

Deodorant – You never sweat the small stuff.

Batteries – You keep me energized.

Hugs & Kisses Candy – I love your hugs and kisses.

Hot Tamale Candy – You are sizzling hot!

Screwdriver – You are extremely handy.

Old Spice Body Wash – You spice up my life.

Cologne – I love the way you smell.

A book he/she wants – You can read me like an open book.

iTunes gift card – You are my favorite love song.

Gloves – You keep me warm at night.

RISK Deodorant – You are the risk I like to take!

Dress Shirt – You are always too sexy for your shirt!

You can get really creative with your phrases. These are just a few ideas. Once I have purchased all my gifts and have attached my tags then I wrap the contents in one huge box. You could always make a gift basket or use these gifts as stocking stuffers during Christmas.


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