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Halloween Series : I Survived Halloween

Updated on August 20, 2015
Trick or Treating at the local mall .... Everybody was there.  And I do mean EVERYBODY!
Trick or Treating at the local mall .... Everybody was there. And I do mean EVERYBODY! | Source
Grouchy Smurf
Grouchy Smurf | Source
Jokey Smurf
Jokey Smurf | Source

But Last Year Was Perfect!

Last year was perfect. It was the first time my youngest boys had ever gone trick or treating. At ages nine and 4 and a half, they were extremely excited when I brought home costumes.

Anthony was easy. He loves superheroes. He's the older of the two. And even though he's my cranky old man who reminds me so much of a cross between Jokey and Grouchy Smurf (either extra goofy or extra non tolerant of people in general), he managed a smile when he saw a reasonable facsimile of Tony Stark's famous alter ego slide out of a Party City bag.

Brandon would seem easy too. Except I just couldn't find anything in his size. This is mostly because I wasn't able to scrape up enough money to do all of this until a week before the event. So the pickings were a little slim and I'm not referring to a Country singer either. But then I remembered that one of those Halloween stores had popped up down the street, so I took a chance and ventured in. And though I wasn't able to find one of his favorite characters in the appropriate size, I did find a pirate costume that was possibly from JOHNNY DEPP's neighborhood of characters and he seemed pleased enough. Even though we didn't have any accessories like a hat or sword or an eye patch. Which made him look like DONNY OSMOND starring in a revival of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Fortunately my mom and I made him an eyepatch made of shoestring and electrical tape at the last minute.


But Last Year Was Perfect Pt. 2

Last year was perfect because we had 3 organized events in a row on Halloween night. All three were Trunk or Treat events. One we found by accident while waiting to get to another that we considered the main event.

Event number one was a church around the corner from my house. Outdoors. Cars parked in a line one the East and West side of the church parking lot. Each trunk open and decorated to like a certain scene. I think that each participant may have won a prize for best decorations. Anyway, the candy was plentiful, but there were also free hot dogs, chips and pop. Not to mention a DJ blasting TOBY MAC's alternative Hip Hop; making the whole block vibrate.

Event number two ... Well, we left number one too quickly. So actually, we had a block of time of 30 minutes to an hour where I wasn't sure of what to do next. So I kind of just drove around, trying to decide what was next. Then I happened through Munster, Indiana and happened past a church called, Munster Church. Their Trunk or Treat event was even larger than the last. More cars. More activities. More food, this time inside of the church and my little guy, Brandon, actually won the a gift card from their raffle -- just in time for his birthday.

Event number three was at my church -- Family Christian Church --- where not only did they get a bunch of candy, but also small pumpkins to take home. In all, they collected half of a plastic shopping bag full of candy. Had to be a couple of pounds. But don't worry, I didn't let them gorge themselves on sugar. No, we started a box in the cupboard where they can get a piece of candy for a treat, which was just beginning to dwindle down as this new season was approaching.

One shop handed out sugar coated soft pretzel sticks.
One shop handed out sugar coated soft pretzel sticks. | Source
Are pirates supposed to be happy?
Are pirates supposed to be happy? | Source
Iron man getting ready.
Iron man getting ready. | Source
Iron Man wants more candy.
Iron Man wants more candy. | Source
"You need more iron in your diet."
"You need more iron in your diet." | Source
Thick as theives.  You'd never know that an hour later, these two would be fighting over the tv remote.  Anthony loves Victoria Justice.  Brandon, not so much.
Thick as theives. You'd never know that an hour later, these two would be fighting over the tv remote. Anthony loves Victoria Justice. Brandon, not so much. | Source
Total madness.
Total madness. | Source
Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat

Same Time This Year?

The first year out went so smoothly. So of course, this year would go the same. Right? Wrong. Besides rain in the forcast -- which we received, every thing we did last year wasn't commencing on Halloween night. Not cool.

The bash at my church fell on Wenesday night, because that's when we had our mid-week church service. The bash around the corner hadn't advertised on their church sign, so I didn't think that they would be having it. As well, the church on the hill in Munster also didn't have an invite on their marquee. Especially not cool.

There was a family fun night at the boys' school on Tuesday night. That was a chance to wear their costumes for the first time. We went, but we didn't suit up. Which was just as well, because the candy wasn't so plentiful. Kind of upsetting since all I wanted to do was go home and lay down in the first place.

Wednesday was the event at my church. Total madness, because the pastor is very social media savvy. So he went on Facebook, Twitter -- maybe even YouTube -- to invite people, and darned if they show up. Kids everywhere. Anthony's mask got stepped on and he almost didn't get any candy. Guests were bypassing the line and not registering their kids ... It was organized, but more helpers were desperately needed. In fact, I told Anthony that we might have to do something different next year.

Thursday we ended up at the mall ... OMGosh .... As soon as we stepped into the mall, every single store had a sign saying that they were all out of candy. Really?! With an hour left to go? How dare you? Fortunately some stores still had some, and the boys might have had about 30 pieces a bag, but a far cry from last year. Still, it was refreshing to know that though this mall in particular had changed hands over the years, the powers at be still had kids in mind, at least once out of the year.

On the way home, the church around the corner -- New Harvest is actually the name -- decided to have their event even though it was raining. This made us all happy. As tired as I was, I really didn't want to feel as though the boys' Halloween experience was any less than what it could be -- without knocking on the doors of strangers, a notion I almost gave in to.

Again there was plenty of candy, hot dogs, chips and water. The kind of event that brings out the community, whether they attend that church or not. But then, that's what the church does at its best, serve the community.

Not so crowded?  Walk a little further Buck-o
Not so crowded? Walk a little further Buck-o | Source

What The Heck Is Trunk or Treat?

Trunk or Treat is an alternative to traditional trick or treating. Based out of the church setting, it used to be called the "Hallelujah Party". But somehow Trunk or Treat doesn't sound as funny. Right?

So the objective .... Well, your little rugrats can still dress up in costumes and they still get candy, but it is in a controlled/ safer environment. You can either do it outside or do it inside, but it's a way of not taking such a wonderful childhood rite of passage away from your kids. Good fun, good candy without the Roseanne elements.

Don't you just hate it when they give you a bun with your hot dog?
Don't you just hate it when they give you a bun with your hot dog? | Source

But Wait ... That's Not All!

That sweet little church on the hill rescheduled their event to Saturday from 4 to 7. Even though I had an appointment with my mom at 5pm, I vowed to give the boys one last dose of Halloween. So they suited up and braved the cold to fill up their Avengers and Transformers gift bags once more. And then entered the church for hot dogs, chilli, hot chocolate, walking tacos and a plethora of desserts. Yeah, I'd say it was pretty good pumpkin season after all.

Not too big, not too small
Not too big, not too small | Source

TruSoulDJ is a self proclaimed expert on all things trivial to the Mainstream. He is an avid classic comic book reader, non popular music lover and tv-show-on-dvd binge watcher who shops the clearance racks near and far to find the best deals. He would like to think he knows everything important within the realm of Pop culture. But in actuality, he only knows about 99.9 percent of what he thinks he knows.


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  • trusouldj profile imageAUTHOR

    LaZeric Freeman 

    4 years ago from Hammond

    Thanks for reading S. This was only the second time the boys had gone trick or treating. I was tempted to call it a day after leaving work, but my mom made so many good memories for me. I want to do the same for my kids.

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Very insightful Article! The church does a great job with Trunk Or Treat. One day we will have to try it! For now we try to stay home as a way to socialize with our neighbors. Handing out Inspiring Scripture 'Along With The Candy' :-) So children don't egg our house. :) The kids get out as well, but it would be nice to try different things! Thanks for the Article!


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