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Icicles and Crystal Snowflake Ornaments - Dreaming of a White Christmas

Updated on March 18, 2020
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I live in Houston and love writing reviews of the local restaurants and stores I visit with family and friends.

Icicles | Source

White Christmas

Having lived in the south for most of my life I also vividly recall the happy memories of playing in the pristine white snow and watching growing icicles hanging from our rooftops and blue spruce trees in the yard.

A little bit of that frosty winter weather was symbolically brought inside and hung onto our Christmas tree by way of icicle ornaments and also snowflake ornaments each year. To top it off the beautiful voice of Bing Crosby singing I'm dreaming of a White Christmas resonated in our home along with other songs of the season.


Readers of this post will find a selection of some nice musical videos of music played in our family home during those special holidays.

Memories can be precious! A picture, a scent, a song, a touch, a smile or glance from a loved one or some other stimulus can instantly transport a person back in time to relive a transitory moment such as the song of White Christmas does for me each year. My childhood swings easily and quickly back into focus with these kind of memories.


With a steady supply of cold weather and rain or snow if the temperatures are below freezing, eventually icicles start to form. They continue to grow much as a stalactite in a cave and as moisture is added it drips down and freezes thereby growing the size of the icicle.

With the wind causing movement of branches of a tree like the Blue Spruce trees in our yard the icicles generally break off before weighting the branches down and causing any damage.

But with the eaves of a house and no natural movement these icicles can get quite large. My Dad at some point would purposely break them off so that if by chance they would fall they would not damage us or our pets if we happened to be below at an inopportune time.

That aside...icicles are beautiful to behold and do catch reflected light and prisms of color depending upon the time of day and circumstances. I vividly remember hanging the icicle ornaments on our Christmas tree year after year and always thought that they were special and beautiful mixed in with our other ornaments.

Everyone can also adorn their Christmas tree or garlands or even the outside of homes with icicles purchased easily online if desiring that look of winter even if one's temperatures are normally more tropical in nature as are ours where we currently live.

Winter Wonderland

There was a wooded area across from our home in Wisconsin when I was a child. In the summer time we kids loved to walk in the woods exploring and seeing glimpses of squirrels and chipmunks scurrying away from us.

We normally did not see the possums and raccoons and skunks and other critters but I am sure that we were carefully watched by many beady eyes such as theirs as we traipsed through what they considered to be their territory.

Of course the winter snows and ice turned it into a fantasy-land of pristine white fantastic shapes that let the imagination run wild. If we were out walking it was then easy to see the tracks of wild animals until a new fresh fallen snow would once again eliminate any traces of their passage.

My brothers in the snowy Wisconsin winters - 1950s

My brothers in the snowy Wisconsin winters when they were children.
My brothers in the snowy Wisconsin winters when they were children. | Source
My brothers standing by our mailbox
My brothers standing by our mailbox | Source
My brothers climbing the icy trees.
My brothers climbing the icy trees. | Source


Speaking of snow, no two snowflakes are ever alike. That is amazing!

It was fun trying to catch big flakes of snow on our tongues and also look at the different patterns landing on our dark colored clothing where the contrast of their lacy white designs really became most noticeable.

Christmas snowflakes whether they come in the form of snowflake lights, crystal snowflake ornaments or some other medium can create some wonderful winter wonderland decorations inside and outside of one's home.

Shih Tzu Dogs dressed up as snowflakes!
Shih Tzu Dogs dressed up as snowflakes! | Source

Snow Globes

How many of you have played with snow globes? On a solid base these clear looking globes are filled with everything from little villages and scenes to other cute objects.

What makes them special is that by picking them up and shaking them, suddenly one has an instant scene of snow falling and covering the objects inside. While fleeting, it captures the attention of the child in all of us and of course can be used over and over again to the delight of everyone that sees it.

Kennedy Russell - Dance of the Icicles from The Wooing of the Snowflakes

Christmas Spirit

If you listened to the video of Bing Crosby singing I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, then perhaps if you were not already in the Christmas spirit you are now thinking of things like Christmas trees and icicles and snowflake ornaments as well as other gift ideas for yourself or others.

If you see something you like you had better hurry! Order them today before Santa puts the best selection into his giant sack for Christmas deliveries. I can almost hear the jingle bells of Rudolph's harness as well as the other reindeer now warming up for that round the world upcoming trip!

Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas everyone!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Peggy Woods


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