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How to Develop Children's Social Skill And Emotional Intelligence - Three Stunning Icebreaker Ideas

Updated on March 24, 2012

Children's Social Skill Development And Power of Emotional Intelligence

Developing Social Skill of children benefits them in later age to face the uncertainties posed by life.Till last few decades it was believed that a child's development milestone is in the grades he gets in school and college.Perhaps it's right up to an extend but science has found some new discoveries which calls for a change in ways of raising children.Two scientists Salovey & Mayor, In 1990's explained that the Intelligence of a child (as well as humans) can be categorized into two.

1.Intellectual Quotient (IQ)

2.Emotional Quotient

Intellectual Quotient is regarded as the intelligence of a children.It's what helps a child to do calculations, logical analysis of problems and to find solutions.Its similar to a computer in your brain.
The Emotional Intelligence is what really gives the scent of humanness to a person, without Emotional Intelligence we are the wild old , jungle loving homosapiens.Emotional Intelligence is the ability of children to understand the emotions of oneself as well others and to use that information to guide his thoughts and actions.

Important Fields Of Emotional Intelligence

According to further studies, it was found that the emotional intelligence of a person can be mainly split into two.

Skill of a child to understand oneself, improve his body , concentrate, talents such as singing ,dancing etcetra.

2.Interpersonal: Skill of a child to express himself to others,his leadership quality, power to influence or convince others etcetra.

  • Infact, developing emotional intelligence of a child is the key to develop his social skills.
  • It includes developing the child's ability to face difficulties.
  • It includes encouraging children to monitor one's feelings as well as others feelings.
  • It includes enhancing the ability to get along with others and take descisions.

Children and Emotional Intelligence - Icebreaker Steps

As an icebreaker i will outling the first few steps for harnessing the power of emotional intelligence to improve a the social skill of a child.

1.Giving Freedom At Home & Encourage to Share Feelings Honestly.
Be encouraging at home , give your child all the freedom to express his thoughts and feelings at home.If he is unable to react to certain situations help him to sort out the situation and teach him how to solve it.Don't be too dramatic and overdo the situation , be yourself when behaving with the your children express your encouragements in 'honest' words.Don't do it for the sake of developing the childs emotional intelligence. Neve discourage children at home because if they can't express what they feel at the right place they will certainly do it at the wrong place.So make sure that he grows decently outspoken at home.This will boost his confidence and improve his creativity in later age!

2.Encouraging Children to Organize & Participate In Shows with Friends.
We may find many children very expressive and cheerful at home wheras when they come for a social interaction they keep mum. This is because they dont get enough exposure in public gatherings.The first step of a child in public expression is definitely within his friends circle only.He can never interact with a unknow community all of a sudden.At small age itself he must be encourged to select good friends and participate in all kind of healthy shows.Let him take
leadership position's and organize science fair's with enthusiasm.This will further develope the social skill of a child to interact even with an unknow community such as interview panels, group discussions,seminars and official meetings.

3.Identifying & Promoting his talents.
Every child is blessed whith some talents.Let him graze through all fields and realize his field of interest.Give him good encouragement in the fields he likes.Let him relish in his achievements.It's pure joy and confidence to gather up achivements in life.It will be a childs biggest stength when he face something really bad in his life.Allow him to specialize in his talents and exhibit it.

A childs Emotional Intelligence has more to do with his success and happiness in life than your IQ and emotional intelligence can be learned. When you recognize the difference between EQ and IQ, you can work to develop your EQ. It can be learned but has often been neglected in our education both at home and at school.

The 2 Best Emotional Intelligence Books

A HubMob Hub For Children's Social Skill Development


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    • philipandrews188 profile image

      philipandrews188 6 years ago

      Wonderful article.

    • Arna Baartz profile image

      Arna Baartz 6 years ago from Australia

      AWESOME! maybe you'd like my emotional intelligence work? The I AM Program