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Best Fun Ideas For Kid's Birthday Parties

Updated on May 15, 2017

Fun is all about interaction too!

Fun was has by all!
Fun was has by all!

Love The Teepee

  • Parties need a good venue and a pleasant one
  • It does not have to cost an arm and a leg either.
  • A good balance with the eats and play activities.
  • Love these water splashing games too!

Fun Party Ideas And Graphics

Cool party things.
Cool party things. | Source

Make Faces With Paper Plates

Use for displaying eats or decoration
Use for displaying eats or decoration | Source

Colourful Birthday Table With Bright Primary Colours

  • Create a happy and brightly Coloured atmosphere for your children's party.
  • Colourful balloons and streamers also tie into the joyful theme.
  • Children are not too difficult to please. They are more interested in playing with their friends.
  • Games in the garden can be a lot of fun, egg and spoon races, treasure hunts and adventure tasks with clues at each point.
  • Food and fun go hand in hand, stagger the eating so that the kids do not eat too much all at once.

Bright And Happy Party Table

Kids enjoying the party
Kids enjoying the party | Source

Party Fun

Cool ideas
Cool ideas | Source

Spray Tie Dye Kit For Summer Parties / Give As A Gift

Get everyone involved in creating their own tie dye.
Get everyone involved in creating their own tie dye.

Chocolate Dipped Oreo Pops

Great addition to the party eats..pop them in a see through container standing upright, for a decorative idea.
Great addition to the party eats..pop them in a see through container standing upright, for a decorative idea.

Creative Pops

Buy ♥

Savoury Samoosa's For The Table

Samoosa's | Source

Tasty Snacks Other Than Cake.

  • As you can below there are many foods that you can serve for a children's party.
  • It is also good to have some savoury toppings, like egg and cheese.
  • Samoosa's are very popular and bring some curry flavour to the party.
  • Cream cheese mixed with cheese spread can also be very tasty.
  • A good balance between savoury and sweet is preferable.

Ice Cream Sundae Surprise

Great Ice Cream Ideas
Great Ice Cream Ideas | Source

Jazz Up Ice Cream Cones For The Kids

Here are some ideas to jazz up an ice cone for a kids party.

1. Cascade small chocolate balls or smarties on the top of a vanilla ice cone.

2. Half fill the cone section with candy before scooping on the ice cream.

3. Make your own colored ice cream in different colors and set in round ice trays. Color plain vanilla ice cream with a little organic coloring. Pile these balls on top of a small plain vanilla cone.

4. Melt your favorite chocolate bar in a double boiler, cool slightly and then dip your plain ice cone into it to give a wonderful choc topping.

5. Use white chocolate that has also been melted, as done above, and cover a dark coned ice cream with this glossy mixture. Top with hundreds and thousands.

6. Dream up your own toppings from jelly babies to caramel coated nuts.

7. You can cut out a container for the ready made ice cream treats from a shoe box with holes, for each one, on the upside down section. Keep ready for the party in the freezer compartment.

Yummy Cakes And Ice Cream

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ice cream SwirlHappy Birthday Cake With CandlesParty Collage
Ice cream Swirl
Ice cream Swirl | Source
Happy Birthday Cake With Candles
Happy Birthday Cake With Candles | Source
Party Collage
Party Collage | Source

Party Preparation

Party Questions

Do You Host Your Own Party For Your Children.

See results

Kids Can Colour In Their Tee Shirts

Fun Colouring In Projects
Fun Colouring In Projects | Source

Face Painting Activity For Parties To Keep Them Amused.

Face Painting to keep the children happy!
Face Painting to keep the children happy! | Source

Non Toxic Face Paint

Love the idea of entertaining kids by painting their faces! Below are some paints and books that you can purchase to give you a host of ideas on how to actually start this fun filled and creative art technique!

Free ..Pink Bubble Party Invite / Paste And Copy To Your Computer

Personal Use Only. Print as many as you need.
Personal Use Only. Print as many as you need. | Source

Instructions How To Assemble The Small Box

  • Cut around edge of box pattern with a sharp scissors.
  • Cut slits in four corners
  • Bend square at the base of box pattern...each flap pointing upwards.
  • Bend on the inside of seam allowance on two sides.
  • Glue sides together overlapping the seams onto box sides.
  • You will see a box shape after you have done this step.
  • Take the two flaps that are longer and punch holes where the marks are for the ribbon.
  • Fill this box with some sweets or small chocolates as a cute extra for a kids party. Mini Easter eggs would also be cute.
  • Finish off with a ribbon pulling two flaps together at the top.
  • 7.5 cm width
  • Breadth 6.5
  • Height 5.5 Done on A4
  • If you want it bigger you will have to use a printer that can print larger than A4.
  • The box below was printed on paper but would look more sturdy on white card.

Crafts For Kids

Cupcake Inspiration

My Delicious Home Made Sorbet

1 large tin Ideal milk
1/2 pint cream (Orly Whip)
1 tea cup castor sugar
2 tea spoons vanilla


1) Place tin of Ideal milk in saucepan. Cover entirely with water.
2) Bring to boil, boiling time 20 minutes
3) Remove tin from saucepan.
4) Leave in fridge for 24 hours.
5) After 24 hours pour out milk and beat until fluffy then put back in fridge.
6) Put cream in mixing bowl and beat until thick.
7) Add castor sugar to cream / fold in.
8) Add Ideal milk to cream mixture.
9) Put in freezer.
10) Sets in 2 / 3 hours depending on your freezer setting.

♥♥ Remember to set freezer to lowest setting an hour before making ice cream.

Serve in colourful cones with any favourite sprinkles or nuts,

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Wishes | Source

Keep The Creative Juices Flowing

Create Some D.I.Y. idea for the kids to make..something that will not take more than twenty minutes. Idea..Quick colouring in contest.

Free Happy Birthday Red And White Cat Card For You to Use.

Free Colouring In Picture For You




Welcome to copy this picture and birthday card card below for your party!

♥♥ copy and paste

♥ copy to your file

♥ Right click on picture and save to your computer.


Large Assortment Of Wax Crayons

These crayons will keep the kids occupied for a long time!
These crayons will keep the kids occupied for a long time!

Cute Red And White Cat Wrapping Paper For Gifts

Unique cat graphic art gift paper for your kid's gifts.
Unique cat graphic art gift paper for your kid's gifts.

Cool Ice Cream Delights

Ice cream surprise
Ice cream surprise | Source

Sweet Cupcake



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