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Ideas For Tropical Christmas Decorations

Updated on December 1, 2012

When most people think of Christmas, they think of snow and cold weather; however the truth is that many locations around the world have warm weather during the holidays. Therefore, tropical Christmas decorations are as popular as ever. Tropical Christmas decorations are especially important if you have recently moved to a warm location but you grew up in a place where it was cold for Christmas. Tropical Christmas decorations can help you get into the holiday mood as well as decorate with style.

Bringing The Holiday To You

One way to bring the feel of Christmas to your tropical home is to get an artificial Christmas tree. Once you have the tree, you can decorate it however you like.

If you want to stick with tropical Christmas decorations, then consider using shells, and starfish décor as your base point. You can even paint red and green accents on these items to help them be more holiday appropriate. Your tree however will put off a holiday feel no matter how you choose to decorate it.

You can still decorate outdoors for the holiday season, even if you live in a tropical climate. Choose outdoor décor like hula dancers wearing Santa hats, or giant clam shells that are lit with red and green lights to merge the holiday with your environment. If you like, you can use traditional outdoor holiday décor as well. Get inspiration by playing Elvis's holiday music.

Bringing The Tropics To You

Just as some may want to bring the holiday to them, you may be a person who would love to bring the feel of the tropics into your décor during the holidays. Perhaps you grew up in California but relocated to Michigan. To feel more at home, you may want to try some tropical Christmas decorations to liven your home.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to purchase a tropical tree, or large plant to decorate as your "Christmas tree". Be sure to keep the tree indoors, as it will die in harsh or cold weather. You can then decorate the tree to your liking. The simple fact that you are starting with a tropical plant or tree will get your home in the tropical mood.

You don't necessarily have to use red and green colors for the holiday. Colors of red, orange, yellow, and pink will put you into a tropical mood. Therefore, try decorating your home with lights and décor in these colors. You can set around shells and coconut shells with holiday symbols painted on them to add extra appeal.

No matter if you are new to the tropics and missing home, or you are missing the tropics, tropical Christmas decorations will help you enjoy your holiday season. The main things to focus on are color and holiday inspiration. By taking normal holiday décor and adding colors like pink and yellow instead of red and green, you can instantly make décor look more tropical.

Using elements like shells and coconuts, you can also easily make tropical Christmas décor. Use nature and things that you love to decorate beautifully this holiday season.


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