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Kids Craft Ideas for a Birthday Craft Party

Updated on June 23, 2011

Kids Craft Ideas for Birthday Parties

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing good kids craft ideas for birthday parties. The age of the children, the numbers of those coming to the party,their likes and dislikes, and of course your budget. However, done right, a craft birthday party is a fun, entertaining and informative event where kids can learn a new skill and get to make something they can take home - which makes doing party bags a lot easier.

There are hundreds of birthday craft party ideas to choose from, the trick is to find the one that suits your target audience i.e the kids coming to your party.

The two biggest factors in deciding which crafts are suitable for your party are the age and gender of the children. Choose something too old or too young for those coming and the kids will get board or frustrated. In the same way if you choose something too girly, any boys attending will be distinctly uncomfortable.

Cupcake Decorating Party
Cupcake Decorating Party

Kids Craft Ideas for Boys and Girls

Finding crafts for craft parties that are suitable for both girls and boys can seem like a bit of an uphill challenge, but it's probably easier than you think - it's just a case of thinking a little creatively.

For example two crafts which at first glance seem to be more suited to girls than boys, but are actually very suitable for both cupcake decorating and jewellery making.

The main component of a cupcake decorating party, especially if you are organising and holding it yourself, is kids imaginations. This means while girls look at chocolate buttons and jelly beans and see pretty colours and flowers, boys see monsters and aliens.

Jewellery parties are normally based on making an item such as a keyring or a necklace - boys are quite happy with this so long as the style of piece they are making is make in appearance which often means using black threading materials and metal beads - skulls always go down well.

How To Make Bracelets

Birthday Party Crafts for Girls

There are many birthday party crafts for girls to choose from, covering everything from cards to candle making and a good way of getting ideas is to look under the 'crafts' sections on some of the big online retailers website such as Amazon.

There are some crafts you can do yourself such as card making, and some for which is would be better to get a kit as a basis for the party, for example something like mosaics.

Ideas for crafts for girls include, jewellery, sewing i.e. making felt broaches or a simple bag, making makeup, mosaics, friendship bracelets or painting and drawing.

Most of these can be done at home on a DIY basis making them good, inexpensive birthday party ideas for kids.

How To Make A Clay Stegosaurus

Boys Birthday Party Crafts

 Boys crafts are better if there's a chance of getting messy or creating something horrible (in a gooey, monster, alien sort of way).

This makes clay or play doh good for boys parties. Working with clay can be very messy but there are now some great air-drying clay and modelling products on the market. These do not need to be kiln fired or oven baked and tends to be less sticky than traditional clay. There are a number of varieties available in either white which can be painted or colours.

Other Kids Craft Ideas

There are hundreds of other kids craft ideas out there, from the very simple ones suitable for young kids - such as the toilet roll octopus in the video, to more complicated ideas such as mosaics or bag making.

The trick is to pick a craft you know your kids will enjoy and make sure you have enough time to complete it - whatever you do try to avoid rushing them as that's when mistakes happen.

Having a craft party for a birthday party is a popular choice because kids love to make things, and with a craft party they get something at the end that they can take home. Plus, you never know, it might also spark a life long passion for making and creating things.



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