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Ideas for Birthday Party Themes For Girls

Updated on July 7, 2011

Birthday Party Themes For Girls

Coming up with different birthday party themes for girls every year ,from when they are 1 to when they are 21 can be a challenge, but themes are what kids want.

The good news is that with a bit of thought a themed party can be easy to organise and relatively cost effective - it all comes down to planning.

Birthday parties change as kids grow up; for the first 5 or 6 years parties involve the majority of a kids class or playgroup, then as they grow up the numbers become less and it's common to move towards move activity or craft based parties. The next change is around age 16 when girls can again start wanting big parties with all their friends.

Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

Birthday party themes can either be the whole party i.e. a princess party where every aspect of the party is geared towards that theme.

Alternatively the theme can be part of the party, for example you could hold a girls makeover party and have a 'Rock Chick' theme.

Party Theme Ideas for Girls 1 - 5

Many young kids i.e. 1 - 3 year olds aren't that keen on large numbers of people so if you are going to have a party then 8 - 10 kids is probably the maximum to go for.

What kids of 1 - 3 do like though is music, colour and movement -  so ideas such as sing-a-long parties, or parties built around a favourite character such as a Disney Princess, where the kids dress up and watch a short DVD can be great.

From around 4 onwards girls are much more aware of their birthday and what they want for their party, and they also start having a lot more little friends that they want to invite.

If birthdays are in the summer, and you have the space, a garden party with simple games where kids can run around a lot are an excellent idea. If you want to make it extra special you can add in a face painter or balloon animal maker ~ someone who the kids can dip in an out of a bit as attention spans are not always at their best at this age.

For birthdays which fall at colder times of the year then hiring a church hall, or village hut is worth thinking about as they tend to have the space to run around in plus facilities such as a basic kitchen and toilets.

Match the party with a theme such as princesses, animals, fairies, pink etc so the girls can dress up (which they love to do at that age) and you're onto a winner.

Cupcake Decorating Party
Cupcake Decorating Party

Party Themes and Ideas for 6 and Upwards

 From age 6 upwards the range of party themes you have have increases as the children are more able.

Activity parties such as swimming or soft play are popular, and have the advantage that these venues often offer packages which include party food so you can have the whole event without having to worry about a horde of little angles rampaging through your house.

The trade off with having these hosted parties is that they can be pricey, and if you have several children then over a year that can really add up, so an option to keep the cost down is to start looking at home based activity parties.

Fo these you are generally looking at lower number i.e. 8 - 10 kids and you have the option of tailoring the activity to suit the theme you child wants for their party.

There are a wide range of home based activity parties you can hold, such as cupcake decorating, girls pamper parties, jewellery parties, arts and crafts, card making etc.

They need a bit of planning but in general are easy to organise, especially if you have a few friends you can call on for help.

It's best to pick the theme first so the activity can be adapted to suit it, for example in your child wanted a High School Musical theme you could adapt the following activities to it quite easily:

Cupcake decorating - get some High School Musical cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers 

Makeover Party - Create different looks from the film with hair accessories etc

Arts and Crafts Party - Use a High School Musical Activities Set as the basis for the party. 


Other Theme Ideas and Suggestions

 It's possible to hold a party around almost any sort of theme, though sometimes you may have to think a little laterally for the best results.

Favourite characters from tv shows or books are good as people will know and recognise them, and you can use simple decoration to add to the theme. For example if you were doing a Harry Potter party you could give each child a wizards hat and a magic wand, both easily available from a toy shop, or simple to make from scratch.

General themes are also good such as 'Space' fort which you can cut out a load of stars to stick around the walls, and hang colored christmas baubles from the celing for planets. 'Beach' is another good theme requireing not much more than a bucket and spade and some ice-creams ~ probably more of a summer party theme.

Remember that kids have very vivid imaginations so what you are trying to do is create the beginings of an illusion with your decorations and they'll do the rest in their minds.


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