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Ideas for Cheap Christmas Gifts

Updated on June 17, 2015

Christmas has many meanings for different people, and for some it means nothing. In many places, specially rural, Christmas is a time of the year to get the family together and share moments of joy.

Since Christmas is the time of the year to share, it is also the time to give something, share part of your wealth, even if small, with the others, normally the closest people to you during the year. This hub will help you with ideas of what to offer.

From a simple pen to a microwave, there are several things depending on how you know the person, and how much you want to spend. You may want to spend $1 on your friends dog and $100 on your mother or spouse.

This is a list of the possible items that you can offer with comments about what you have to worry if you decide to choose one of them.

Chocolates - The simple gift

Chocolates are an easy way of offering something that almost everyone likes, but be careful, if you decide to buy something more expensive, some people don't like the special flavors.

Chocolates are a simple way to please someone and if you know what he or she likes, you can offer their favorite. If you want a brand that is surely a "premium" brand search for Godiva or Lindt, but this are not necessarily the best, Hershey's or Ferrero Roché may offer you a better Quality-Price Ratio.

Smart Automobile in Chocolate
Smart Automobile in Chocolate | Source

Books - Careful with the Genre

There is a wide variety of books, so it can be simple to offer a book, you can offer a romance or smaller book with the famous quotes of the Presidents.

"The Fifty Shades of Grey" was one of the most sold books ever and widely gifted during Christmas, but it isn't a kind of story you will recommend to everybody.

There are also several prices of books, so it will probably be in your range of spending. The next two examples are, one book about the second world war, ideal for those who love that part of the world history. The second example is a romance book chosen because of the price showing you can get a good gift for less than $10.

Choosing clothes may be hard, but baby clothes are easy.

Clothes and Shoes

Apparel may be one of the most useful gifts, but it is also hard to choose the correct style and size to choose. When offering a shirt you have to know exactly who you are offering to (no Secret Santa) and you should know the size, even if the person can change after receiving it, specially when offering to a woman, offering a larger size can lead to an awkward moment.

Regarding the style there are several options, depending on the person you may offer a Hawaiian flower shirt or plain T-shirt.

If you are offering clothes to the parents of a baby, it may be much easier, since there is not a problem with the style and the sizes are determined by the age.

Shoes are not the greatest gift, the alternative for the feet are some slippers.

Queen DVD - Some fans love it

DVD - Movie or a Concert

I do not consider this a great present, but if you know the person loves a great concert or a TV show, this can be a great offer, since it shows you really know that person.

Knowing the person you are giving the DVD is essential, you probably are not going to offer a classic concert to a fan of Movies, or the Star Wars Trilogy to someone that doesn't like science fiction.

I once offered a DVD of a Queen concert and it was probably a great choice, since the person that received still enjoys a good morning watching the DVD.


Christmas is just a week before the start of the new year, and a calendar may be the right choice for someone you know that uses one. There are several types of calendars, with flowers, cats, dogs, cities, or you can even personalize one with the most important pictures for each month.

Personalized calendars can be a perfect gift to help the other person remembering a special date, for example you can offer a calendar to your spouse with a picture of your wedding in the month it occurred. Another idea is offering with the birthdays.

If you know the person doesn't use calendar or does not have space to have one, this is an useless gift, since the person will not use it.

If you prefer something with lower costs, there are several options which can lower your Christmas budget.

The grand canal of Venice
The grand canal of Venice | Source
The Mont Saint Michel in Normandie, France
The Mont Saint Michel in Normandie, France | Source


Mugs may not be the most romantic or enjoyable gift, but it surely is the most useful, everyone drinks something, and almost everyone needs one to have their coffee or tea.

A mug can be a perfect gift, specially if you give a personalized mug, that way you are giving something useful and with a special message to the person.

I have already offered mugs during Christmas, most of them with photos that we took with us and turned the mug in a beautiful piece to remember us, instead of a frame. We decided to offer these kind of mugs to our grandparents, but depending on the pictures you can adapt to the person.

Other kitchenware

You may also be interested in other kitchenware, for example a plate for a baby or a travel mug for a young man that is considering backpacking.

Kitchenware is always useful for the other person, imagine yourself receiving one, you will probably want something useful with good quality and that you have space to keep it.

This can be also a gift too personal, if it has a photo, or a gift with less meaning, for example a mug for your boss. You just have to adapt it.

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