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Ideas for Halloween Window Decorations

Updated on October 3, 2011

Christmas is not the only holiday when people decorate their homes and make them shine. There are several ways to do the same on Halloween as well. The following are some ideas you might be interested in implementing:

Hanging Spiders and Bats

This is one of the most popular decoration ideas in the month of Halloween. Hanging these scary critters on your windows will ensure friends and neighbors that you are in the spirit of the season. You can make them easily enough by using cardboard and pieces of string to make them hang. Even a few are enough to make your home a spook fest in its own right.

Cobwebs Everywhere

This is when being a slob becomes worthwhile. If you have natural cobwebs hanging from your ceiling, no need to tell visitors that they’re real. It will only make you look bad. Just say they’re decorations you put up. If your home is spotless on the other hand, then you can buy fake cobwebs from any costume store in your neighborhood. If you prefer to make your own, then draw intricate cobweb patterns on pieces of paper or cardboard and hang them on your ceiling for the right look.

Cobwebs on the window
Cobwebs on the window | Source

Fall Decorations

Since Halloween usually falls in autumn this provides home makers an ideal chance to decorate their homes with its colors free of cost. Dried leaves and flowers are there in your garden. Pick as many as you like and hang whole leaves from your window with string. You can also make garlands out of them and hang them around your neck if you plan on dressing as a fairy. Not only will these decorations never run out but you can replenish them if they get lost or torn each year! You will never have to spend a single cent.



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