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Ideas for Halloween parties.

Updated on November 2, 2016
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Carol graduated from Indian Hills C.C. with an AAS in H.I.T and an AA in Arts & Science. A Social Media Booster for Wine Diamonds Film.

Safety Tips for Traditional Trick- or - Treating

Helpful tips for a successful experience:

  • Children accompanied by adults.
  • Flashlight
  • Walkers may be able to see cars but keep in mind the drivers may not be able to spot the walkers.
  • It is best to only go to homes that the family knows but if your family reaches out to other homes, Check with your local hospital to see if they x-ray candy for Trick or Treaters, not all provide this service. If this isn't an option look through the candy and throw away any candy that is open.
  • Some Dentists allow children to trade in the candy for other things.
  • Most towns, give children the opportunity to go around to merchants so they can have the opportunity for a safe and happy Trick or Treating experience.


Picture Taken At  Pierce's Pumpkin Patch Between Knoxville, IA & Chariton, IA
Picture Taken At Pierce's Pumpkin Patch Between Knoxville, IA & Chariton, IA | Source

What to give in place of candy for your trick- or - treaters.

  • Money
  • Little gift bags filled with pencils, erasers and little note pads.
  • Little trinkets
  • toothpaste
  • small toys
  • crayons

Scary Decorations

Picture Taken at Pierce's Pumpkin Patch, Chariton, Iowa
Picture Taken at Pierce's Pumpkin Patch, Chariton, Iowa | Source

Halloween Likes or Dislike

What do you like best about Halloween?

See results

If you have been to this place, please cast your vote.

Cast your vote for Pierce's Pumpkin Patch

The fun is being someone your not.

Theme Costumes
Theme Costumes | Source

Horror Movie Quiz

view quiz statistics

Tradition of watching scary movies and going to haunted houses.

Growing up, I have wonderful memories of staying up late with my dad and watching horror movies. October seemed to be the perfect time because more of this type of movies seemed to air. My dad always enhanced the excitement of scary movies. Right before the highpoint of the movie, he would yell or grab my leg causing me to scream out. As the years past we would see which one could scare the other first.

Going to haunted houses with my dad and my brothers around Halloween was always a treat. While standing in line, dad was sure to scare us before we went into the haunted house or haunted woods. Once we were in, he was sure to scare one of us. He made these experiences twice as fun.

My top 10 scary movies have changed over the years.

When I was Younger:

1. The Shining

2. Texas chain Saw Massacre

3. Jaws

4. Amityville Horror

5. Psycho

6. The Exorcist

7. Halloween (With Jamie Lee Curtis)

8. The Birds

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street (With Johnny Depp)

10. Carrie (I read the book, first.)

As an Adult:

1. Scream

2. The Silence of the Lambs

3. Butterfly Effect

4. The Cabin in the Woods

5. The Ring

6. Cabin Fever

7. Saw

8. Final Destination

9. An American Werewolf in London

10. The Others

Cowboy Costume

Where is your candy?
Where is your candy? | Source

Make easy costumes for children or adults.

Most of the following items you may already have for the costumes, if not these are things children can get more than one use from.

Boys' Costumes

Popeye the Sailor Man

Sailor hat, white painter pants, white or off white insulated shirt (stuff this shirt with wash clothes or anything else you can find that is soft and then roll them up into balls to make it look like muscles), blue short sleeve button down shirt, black shoes, corncob pipe and a can of Spinach. (When my son was young, we found a can of spinach that happened to have Popeye on the can.)

Robin Hood / Peter Pan

Green sweatpants and sweatshirt (cut pants at length of shorts and make short sleeves out of the sweatshirt), green tights, a bow and arrow for Robin Hood, take green felt to make green slippers and a hat.

  • If you’re concerned your child doesn't know what some of the older characters are, rent or buy a cartoon or movie that represents the personality and then sit and watch the show with your child. This is a good time for quality time and keeping these characters alive for the next generation.


Cowboy hat and cowboy boots, use an eyeliner to draw a mustache and add little dots to represent little stubbles for a beard. A button down cowboy shirt, a vest and blue jeans make a nice touch. Can pick up western guns and badge from a dollar store or any number of other stores.

Ninja Turtle

Green sweatpants and sweatshirt, brown sweatshirt with sleeves cut, black material tied in the back around the brown section, a green plastic visor and three to four bandannas (the color of whichever Ninja Turtle that will be trick-or treating or celebrating. One for the head and cut one for around the arms and wrists and then cut the other for around the legs. Material works just as good as the bandannas.

Freddy Krueger

A black hat like Freddy would wear, black pants and black shoes, a black sweatshirt and lightly glue red streamers around the body and arms of the sweatshirt or use a red sweatshirt and lightly glue black streamers around the body and arms. You can paint the face to look like Freddy Krueger or buy the mask and the claw for one hand. (The sweatshirt, pants, hat and shoes can all be worn at a later time after Halloween.)

Girls' Costumes


A pretty dress, crown and dress shoes.


A dress or skirt that flairs outward with a white poofy blouse. A long scarf to put around the head and one around the waist. Hoop earrings, long necklace, several bangles and a ring for each finger.

A Fairy

A satin dress, ballerina shoes and wings can be purchased fairly cheap.

Boy, Girl or adult Costumes

Bumble Bee

Black shoes, Black tights, black long sleeve shirt, (sweat shirt with hood is best so that you can wear the hood.) Cut the sleeves of a yellow sweatshirt. Lightly glue black streamers around the body of the shirt. Take two small Styrofoam balls and paint yellow or glue yellow glitter and then stick them on black pipe cleaners, wrap and glue them on a plastic head band. Buy wings or be crafty and make your own.


The same as the cowboy, except for the beard & mustache.

Trick - or - Treat

Ninja Turtle Fan and Friends
Ninja Turtle Fan and Friends | Source

Adult Costume Party

And the winner is......
And the winner is...... | Source

Make your own Scarecrow.

Don't have straw? Stuff your scarecrow with leaves or plastic bags.
Don't have straw? Stuff your scarecrow with leaves or plastic bags. | Source

What happened back in the year........

Major headlines can be found at Pierce's Pumpkin Patch.
Major headlines can be found at Pierce's Pumpkin Patch. | Source

Tradition of picking out a Pumpkin like picking out a Christmas tree.

Does your fall season tradition consist of going to a pumpkin patch to pick out your own pumpkins and gourds? This is like picking out Christmas trees. Between Knoxville, Iowa and Chariton, Iowa there is a farm you can buy different sizes of pumpkins and they don't stop there. This place is called, Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch and is family owned. They planted over 3,000 pumpkins, gourds and squashes by hand. They have a unique hay bale maze you can enjoy, entry is free. They are part of the Farm Crawl which gives people the opportunity to tour several farms in one day. Their Annual Festival is always held the second weekend of October and they allow small businesses to set up booths which gives their customers more options. They open their season during the last weekend of September through October. Free parking and free admission to all of their events.

They have a large deep-rooted collection of newspaper clippings on display for the public to enjoy.

Ready for a road trip? Add Pierce's Pumpkin Patch to your tradition.

Paint a Jack-o’-lantern on your empty wine bottles.

Homemade Fall Decoration
Homemade Fall Decoration | Source

Halloween Decorations, Crafts, Activities and Food

Orange lights
Costume party
Baked pumpkin seeds
Lawn Ornaments
Themed wreaths
Masquerade party
Dirt Pudding with Gummy Worms
Ghosts in trees
Handmade party invitations
Scavenger hunt
Mummies made out of hot dogs and croissant
Spider webs & plastic spiders
Paint wine bottles orange and with a permanent black marker draw a Jack'o'Lantern faces on them.
Visit a haunted house
Halloween Cupcakes
Fog machine
Carve Pumkins
Horror movie marathon
Suckers covered with Kleenexes
Crime Scene Tape
Scary stories around the camp fire
Creepy Halloween drinks
How to make the month of October exciting.

Celebrate Halloween, yes or no?

Along the East Coast, I have met a great number of people that would not allow their children to go trick-or-treating. I was surprised to find out the reasons were not because of safety issues but religious beliefs, which is fine. However those that denied their children the opportunity one year but changed their minds the following year and then did the "flip flop" decision a year or two after, confused me.

Some schools have done away with Halloween parties. Some call the parties something else and other schools are allowed a certain amount of parties throughout the year and choose to pass this one up.

A Haunting Night in October

front gate at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida:
Orlando, FL, USA

get directions

A haunting adventure in October but plan to spend more than one night, if you would like to see everything. The lines can be long.

Which pumpkin do you want to take home, a little one, a medium or a huge one that takes more than one person to carry?

Pick your pumpkin, take it home and make a Jack'o'lantern.
Pick your pumpkin, take it home and make a Jack'o'lantern. | Source

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

If you like scary places to visit, this is the perfect location to see several haunting locations that put you in a combination of a movie set like atmosphere and real life startling situations. Wear some comfortable shoes because walking, standing and maybe even some running will be the movement throughout the park. This is a one-stop place for haunted houses, haunted forests and haunted streets.

October 2016, was a time when buying only a ticket to the Haunted Halloween Nights couldn't happen. In order to go, a person was required to also purchase a regular park pass, also. Depending on when the "Express Passes" were bought, they could cost a person more than the tickets.

What is your opinion of Halloween and what is your favorite scary movie?

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