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Ideas for a 21st Birthday Present for Your Female Friend

Updated on October 13, 2010

(I mean, besides lots and lots of alcohol.)

So your female friend's turning 21, huh? Good. That's an important milestone in lots of places, particularly in the United States where it's the legal drinking age. To commemorate this important day, you can't just get her regular presents, like you have for her last 20; no, this time it has to be special!

To that end, here are some suggestions:

Ramen noodles

If she's 21, chances are she's a college student, and if she's a college student, chances are she eats lots and lots of ramen noodles because they average 17 cents per half-ton. If this is indeed true, she has inevitably developed a taste for the noodles and any amount you could contribute to her ill-stocked pantry should be taken by her gratefully.

Get her a few dozen of the 24 packs, which shouldn't cost you more than 3 cents or so. Nothing like shopping for your good friend on a budget!

Make sure to put a little bow on it before you give it to her.


Revealing clothes, or the means to get them

It's her birthday and she probably wants to go out and look like she would be willing to spread them for anybody (except she's not because she says she has self-respect or something like that), so get her something so attention-grabbing, so bold that it would almost violate the dress code of a clothing-optional beach.

It's her 21st birthday. Once in a lifetime. Go on, get her that mini-skirt that would better suit her as a belt. Get her something painfully female.

If you don't know what her size is, and asking would make her suspicious about what kind of surprise you have in store for her, then maybe a gift certificate to some fancy clothes store like Wal*Mart would be in order.

Unreasonable shoes

Every girl should probably own at least one pair of extremely unreasonable shoes just so that she can get it out of her system once and for all and then wear normal shoes for the rest of her life. What better time than her 21st birthday to get them for her?

It doesn't really matter what color, but leopard print is always desirable as it is both traditional and slightly suggestive of her new status as an older, adult woman.

Make sure to stop by the pharmacy and get a neck brace in addition to the shoes--you know, just in case. I'm sure she'll be fine, though, really.

A gorilla costume

Everyone at some point in their life should own or at least wear a gorilla costume. Let her get this rite of passage out of the way by getting it for her to wear to her party.

If she combines the revealing clothes with the gorilla costume, that's even better. All the boys will be all over her. Girls in stilettos--you can kind those at any nightclub. But a gorilla? Priceless.

Just a card

It's her 21st birthday. I'm sure she's likely to be too inebriated at the party to notice that you didn't get her a present (or to be insulted by the fact that you bought her a freaking gorilla costume).

Just your presence, really, is probably what she wants the most, anyway. (Unless she invited you just because she thought you'd get her something good, in which case you should get her a lump of coal out of principle, and then snap your fingers in her face while saying: "I ain't no Santa Claus, yo!") Make merry with her and be her friend.


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    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

      What a perfect gift for the 21 year old college girl in one's life, ramen noodles! You are brilliant my friend. Super fun hub.Awesome and up!


    • Lady Wordsmith profile image

      Lady Wordsmith 6 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      Perfect :)

    • Manuel Ulloa profile image

      Manuel Ulloa 5 years ago from Australia

      good ,research cheers.

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