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I'm So Happy

Updated on August 8, 2010

What makes me happy? This is a question that I as well as others all over the world have asked themselves time and time again. Some people ask this question because they are in the process of trying to obtain happiness and move out of a bad situation and others ask just to try and maintain their happy place and sweep out whatever or whoever has tried to infiltrate their joyful space. For me happiness is the way I live! Maintaining my happiness comes through my fatih in God, first and foremost and loving my family and friends. I get joy in my heart just waking up knowing that it is a brand new day and with a new day comes a new chance to make things right with the ones you love, a chance to be one step closer to your dreams and goals and brand new grace and mercy just to live! I have an autistic fourteen year old daughter who brings me so much joy. I learn from her every day. Taking walks with her around the neighborhood when she's able and talking to her about friendship, life, faith, school and so much more is a blessing. Every time she learns something and I see the light in her eyes because she knows I am so grateful that I have her with me. My family has been through so much but we are still here to tell someone else you can make it, don't give up! Having good health, healthy and sound relationships, a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear are basic things that so many people lack. When you have these things let your heart leap for joy and never take life for granted. I am a person who finds happiness and peace in the simple things of life but at the same time I believe that there is always room to grow and you should always, strive to achieve good success in whatever your situation or circumstance might be, whether its your marriage, job, family, finances, etc! So the next time it rains run outside with your children and play just for a couple of seconds. Make pocpcorn and watch a movie or turn the radio on and dance, do the hokey pokey until you drop, together and always tell the ones you love that you love them. Remember to rehearse your victories over and over, help someone else in need and as the song goes IF YOU'RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT SHOUT HOORAY, STOMP YOUR FEET, CLAP YOUR HANDS...........!!!!


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