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Importance and Value of Gifting

Updated on May 19, 2015
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The custom of gifts is an ancient tradition and as old as the history of man's civilization. People have been giving gifts for ages. In the old days, they were given to kings and Queens by their subjects, and poets, dancers and craftsmen received gifts as favors from the kings. Nowadays they are used in almost every phase of life.

Gifts are meant for the ones we love and they are a good way to show our love for our friends and relatives. They are given to others as a sign of friendship or gratitude or simply out of love for that person. Gifts are presents which strengthen the bonds of relationships and we present gifts on a number of social events such as festivals and special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings.


Apologies are also done or conveyed through the help of presents and gifts. They are the best ideas for reconciliations and to patch up after quarrels. They are also tokens of remembrance and the gifts evoke the memories of the giver or the moment. Sentimentality sometimes creeps in while remembering the person who gave them or the memories associated with that person floods our mind and fill us with tears. They can be lingering remnant of someone dear who is no longer with us. A person who receives gifts considers himself well appreciated and lucky as not everyone in this world get gifts. So those who receive them must treasure them. The object of gifting is to derive pleasure; it is always an enthralling experience for both the giver and recipient alike. Gifts are in themselves a language more expressive than words and they are quick to stir up associations.

The tradition about gifts items are that they should never be resold although some of them maybe exchanged or re -gifted at your own discretion. Most of them are usually kept as mementos and decorations or showpieces. Some people hang greeting cards that they have received, in a row to decorate their rooms. One should properly understand the value of gifts; they are not based on their monetary value but by the thoughts behind them.

Gifting does not always calls for specific occasions they can be given any day and anytime of the years. They are means to convey our feelings and show our regards. A person who is far from home may send presents as a reminder that he or she misses home and is thinking of the family. Parents send gifts top children who stays abroad or in hostels all the time. This makes the child feel loved and appreciated and also brings the family closer. Sending and receiving gifts is an easy affair now with the rise of online gifts sites. With a plethora of unique gift items available online and swift and hassle free delivery services, it only takes a matter of minutes to order and send gifts online. With online sites, reaching out to your dear ones with your love and best wishes has never been easier.


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