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Indian Holidays, an impressive and breathtaking experience

Updated on September 12, 2015

Wouldn’t you like to celebrate everything that makes the world as we know? It has been said that Indians have a holiday for each and every day of the year. The amount of colorful and exciting festivals celebrated in India is so vast that the exact number is not yet known.

As in most of age-old religions, Indian holidays are based on the cycle of nature. They celebrate the change of seasons, celebrate the harvest, encourage the fertility of the land, and many other things that we might not give the relevance they deserve. Indians believe that Brahman is the only true god, but it can be represented in different forms. However, other celebrations are dedicated to many particulars supreme beings such as Shiva, Ganesh, and Krishna.

Normally, Indian festivals are not intended to commemorate specific dates. Their purpose is to purify, avert malicious influences, make bonds with each other inside their society, help one another go through critical moments and stimulate or resuscitate the vital powers. The greatest part of Indian holidays is having time to themselves, where material things are not important, and the main subject of a celebration is to be one with themselves and their community. Such festivals consist of a variety of rituals, including prayer, worship, and music, dancing, eating, drinking, and giving a helping hand to the poor, and even lovemaking. Indian festivals give the most authentic and healthy experience among festivals in the world, so you might want to get a ticket to some of the amazing cities such as old Delhi, Karnataka, Gangtok, and embark on the new experiences this great culture has to offer.

All of these terrific festivals are based on Hinduism history. It has no founder or a specific date of origin, unlike other religions. While most major religions tend to derivate from ideas given by a charismatic character or leader, Hinduism is simply a religion build by the belief of different forms of Brahman. According to their vision, Brahman is present in every one of us. Hinduism has survived more than four thousand years, making it one of the oldest religions alive today.

Some of the most amazing and popular festivals commemorated by Indians are:

Holi is an annual festival that celebrates spring and commemorates various events in the Indian mythology. It is generally a time for disregarding social norms and promote happiness. Despite being one of the least religious holidays is one of the most invigorating experiences. They start with a bonfire where people come together to sing and dance. The next day is an uncontrollable carnival of color where participants play, coloring each other with dry powders and colored water. Everyone is invited, no matter whether they’re rich or poor, friend or stranger, men or woman, elder or children. Streets come alive from various groups carrying musical instruments, making Holi one of the most memorable festivals for Indians.

One of the most joyful Festivals is Diwali. People clean their homes and decorate them in family with lights of all kinds, forms, and colors. This festival lasts five days, time in which walking the streets is a delightful sight: lit up houses, buildings and parks filled with charismatic people, unique and exquisite food such as momos, ildis, and jalebih, are often sold on the streets. On the third day, people gather around in their houses and pray together, usually to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. After the prayers, comes a time where skies are filled with colorful fireworks, the cities light up, and the happiness and joy can be felt in the air.

But if you’re more of a relaxed and spiritual individual, the Maha Shivaratri festival might be the one for you. It lasts all day and night. In the morning, people who participate must go to Shiva temples and begin to perform the traditional Shivalinga Worship (prayer ritual) and ask for favors from the god. Then, they proceed to bathe at sunrise with holy water. Next, they change their clothes after the cleansing and carry around basins with water to the temple and begin to meditate and worship Shiva. Indians say that the planets positions on this date help to step-up the spiritual energy of people, making our thoughts and desires more powerful than we could ever imagine.

So, if you’re looking for a different and unique environment, a different location and, especially, different people, they all can be found in any of the Indian holidays. All the importance and history of each holiday makes a trip to their lands worthy. Their way of expressing their spiritual beliefs is certainly worthy of admiration.


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