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Small, Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas Gifts - Top Selling Christmas Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love

Updated on December 17, 2013

Inexpensive coworker's Christmas gifts are difficult to find but important to find - especially if you don’t want to leave anyone out. If you're finding yourself in this predicament, here are some inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers.

Merry Christmas!


Individual Gifts for Coworkers

Depending on how many coworkers you have, you need to decide on which will be less expensive - giving individual Christmas gifts or giving group Christmas gifts. If you want to give individual gifts, stay with smaller but thoughtful gifts.


A good Christmas gift idea for the women in the office is always candles. If you choose small candles, it won't cost too much. A good choice for candles are aromatherapy candles. They come in an assortment of nice scents and are great for offices.

Business Card Holders

For a few gift ideas that pertain to business, consider giving business card holders.

They aren’t expensive and they keep business cards from getting messy and bent before being given out to potential clients.

A brushed nickel case is both sleek, professional, and modern while a leather business card wallet has a classic look.

Chocolates & Candies

When it comes to small gifts that women like, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

Consider small gift boxes of chocolates or candies.

A small box of Ferroro Rocher, Ghiradelli or assorted candies is always appreciated.

Group Gifts for Coworkers

One of the best ways to give inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts is to buy a group gift. If you have a large office that's divided into divisions like accounting, sales, or payroll, you can give one larger gift that is for the entire division.

This shows you were thinking of them without buying a gift for each individual person. Group gifts also give you more "bang for your buck" as they appear more impressive.

Great group gifts are gift baskets of different types of treats.

Try a Ghiradelli Gift Basket filled with rich and creamy chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans.

The Galaxy Gift Tower is impressive with its pretty gold-foil star packages that feature Bavarian pretzels in milk and white  chocolate and chocolate-covered sandwich cookies dipped in chocolate from the Rocky mountain Chocolate Factory.

There's a good chance just about everyone in your office drinks coffee. So why not give a gift basket chock full of premium coffees and gourmet treats to munch on while sipping the gourmet coffee?

Get Creative!

Inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts aren't hard to find. Use these ideas as a starting point for ideas that your coworkers will love.


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      Lori 6 years ago

      Very Nice Ideas :) Happy Holidays!!! :)