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Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Women

Updated on November 29, 2010

Inexpenisive Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Women

It's getting closer to the holidays and you know there will be a dilemma when picking out gifts for relatives and friends,you're particularly worried about how to stuff the stockings to give to the women in your family. They are hard to buy for, especially when you don't have a clue about what they want. You know that you'll stuff the boys stockings with, candy and little toy cars and trucks. However, you're at a crossroads when you're in the middle of the store trying to figure out what to get for your wife and two teenage daughters.

The answer will be easy for men if they read this article to help them make those difficult decision while thinking about stocking stuffer gift ideas for the women in their family, that will be wallet friendly for you. For the teenage women in your house, music cd's are always a winner, just find out who is her favorite singer and get to the music store,  you can never go wrong with a movie gift certificates which are also good ideas for teenagers, you can also add a prepaid cell phone to their stockings, so that your daughters can call you to pick them up after the movies.

Your wife might be a little bit more complicated to figure out than your daughters, so shop with caution. If your wife is running low on nail polish, mascara and lipstick, adding that to her stocking is a good idea, although some women think that stuff should be left for them to buy. Be a little more creative with the wife, if she loves having lunch at a certain restaurant with her mother once a week; get her two gift cards to that restaurant , one for herself and one so that she can treat her mother to lunch, when she chooses to go.

Decorative key rings, refrigerator magnets, or even a paperback novel she's been wanting for a long time would be a good gift for her. Don't forget to stuff her stocking with a gift card for her favorite department store, of course without expecting her to by you a new shirt for work with it.

Personalized pens, address books, or books with daily inpirationals would be great. Also journals or diaries are good for your wife and teenage girls. Or cash can be a surprise for someone digging in their stockings on Christmas mornings. The good thing about stocking stuffers is you can add things that most people use everyday so you can't go wrong with anything. Another stocking stuffer for your wife could be lottery scratch off card.

Candy is inexpensive, so if your wife and daughters love sweets, chocolates or hard candies will be nice for them to find in their stockings on Christmas morning. There is hardly any woman in the world who doesn't worry about her hair, so getting hair accessories, like scrunchies, brushes, combs and miniature bottles of their favorite shampoo and conditioners that they can stuff in their luggage in case theres a vacation in the near future that you promise to take the family on.

So stocking stuffing ideas to fit in with your budget can be endless, just remember to be creative and you will not go wrong on Christmas morning.







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