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Inexpensive Valentine's Gifts For Her

Updated on January 9, 2017
Boxes of Chocolate
Boxes of Chocolate

Valentine's Day is all about romantic gestures, but it does not have to break the piggy bank so to speak. Not all women expect you to buy them a Mercedes or a diamond bracelet on Valentine's Day because we know not all men can afford these items. Here are some inexpensive ideas for the man who is on a Valentine's Day budget.

1.CVS Pharmacy:

This may sound cheap to some people, but CVS Pharmacy has a wide selection of inexpensive candies, cards, and bargain DVDS. For under twenty dollars you can surprise your paramour with a nice box of chocolates and a bargain priced movie that has a Valentine's Day theme. I am not saying this because I work for CVS pharmacy, it just happens to be near my work and I noticed they have some of the best deals around when I browse there during my lunch breaks.

2. JoAnn's Fabrics:

If your girlfriend or wife is into crafting this is a wonderful place to pick up some nice arts and crafts that she can use. Put these in a pretty basket and embellish the basket with flowers, ribbons, or anything that comes to mind. Instead of buying a Hallmark card, buy some card stock and create your own card on a computer or by hand. Even if you girlfriend or wife is not into crafting, you could make her a cute necklace with many of the fun pendants and beads that are available in the jewelry section. I love the jewelry selection at JoAnn's, and I have received many compliments regarding a simple pendant I bought there. It was only cost me three dollars, but several people told me it looked like a hundred.

3. Take Digital Pictures Or Try Drawing/Painting A Picture:

We should all spend more time experimenting with our artistic side. Even if you are not an artist, try taking a class at a local adult education school and learn how to paint or draw. Better yet, go to you local library and pick up a book on how to learn basic drawing techniques. Discover the type of art work your girlfriend or wife adores, and make a beautiful portrait of that for Valentine's Day. Photography is also a great option for those who are in a rush. You can purchase a quality digital camera for a low price and take lots of pictures of things you know your wife or girlfriend would love. Print the pictures off your computer, or take your camera to a local photoshop and do it there. Have fun picking out a cute frame and think of something original and unique.

4. Sometimes Less Is More:

All of these ideas can cost under twenty dollars, but you can make it cost more or less if you desire. If you have extra money left over you can order a pizza and have a romantic dinner on the couch with your sweetie. To me, that is the ideal Valentine's Day.


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