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Inflatable Christmas Decorations - Christmas Yard Decorations

Updated on October 7, 2015

Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Inflatable Christmas decorations are great when you’re ready to get into the festive spirit. Inflatable yard decorations are hugely popular all around the world and small communities often have competitions to see who can design the best yard. I guarantee everyone you speak to will know of a house that is a spectacle at Christmas; inflatable decorations on the roof, in the yard and lights everywhere. Sure, you don’t have to be THAT house; you don’t have to climb up onto your roof with a large inflatable so it looks like Santa has landed there, it just might not be practical. But an inflatable snowman in the front yard for example, is fun without going over the top.

On the whole these inflatable Christmas decorations are between about six and eight feet tall (so be careful if you put one on the roof). They generally come with some kind of case that for the remaining 48 weeks of the year you can store them out the way, in that room that you always mean to sort out but never get around to! Some of these are suitable for indoor use but you should always check if you’re planning to use it indoors (and make sure that the ceiling isn’t too low) there might be some manufacturing reason why you shouldn’t. It will also undoubtedly seem bigger once you have it indoors so bear that in mind.

As well as a case, the inflatable also comes with a fan pump to inflate the ... errr ... inflatable and according to all the blurbs this shouldn’t take long, although these things inevitably do. They should also come with stakes and tethers so you don’t have to worry about buying the right equipment so it doesn’t blow away or fall off the roof and they’ll also provide instructions to make sure you do it right. These inflatable decorations are designed to go outside so you can be assured that they will be suitable for all weather conditions. While you may think that a constant battering of rain, sleet, snow may damage the inflatable, actually the only effect they will have is that it might need to be pumped up a little a few times.

Inflatable Santas and Christmas Scenes

Inflatable Santas would seem like the obvious way to go at Christmas time, especially if you are thinking of purchasing your first inflatable ... or if you’re building up a collection of Santas! You can get Santas in sleighs for your roof or just standing in your yard with a sack of presents. Alternatively you could buy inflatable snowmen that can stand in the yard, which would look particular effective if it has actually been snowing. If you want to be a bit more ambitious then you can get giant inflatable nativity scenes.

Inflatable Characters in Christmas Costumes

If you’re bored of the traditional Christmas decorations or have little children you want to amuse then cartoon characters with Santa hats on or in sleighs would be a good way to go. If you look hard enough you can probably find just about any character you want, donald duck outdoor christmas decorations for example. Generally a Christmas character will be doing something more interesting than just standing there; often they are in a sleigh and, in my research, I’ve seen that it’s also quite popular to have characters in a snow globe, which I think are really cute actually.

Inflatable Animals in Christmas Costumes

A third alternative is to have inflatable animals that have Christmas hats or are sitting in a sleigh! Penguins seem to be quite popular (I'm not really sure why) and christmas dalmation dog inflatables and they are quite cute too. If you’re not comfortable having an eight foot man standing in your yard, an animal might be better (although I don’t know that you’d be more comfortable with a freakishly large penguin).I think penguins would be a good accompaniment to a Santa on the roof perhaps.


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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Inflatable Christmas decorations can also be found in my country, jenblacksheep. They are visible particularly in posh villages/subdivisions of Manila.

      I like the penguin inflatables. They look so cute!