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Fun Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

Inflatable Christmas yard decoration lines are out everywhere in full force. We have all seen them and let's admit, we have all considered purchasing one. These fun decorations are being sold in most general merchandise stores. Last Christmas almost every store had at least one displayed outside or on the roof. Inflatable Christmas yard decoration lines are perfect for everyone. Since they are used year after year, they are also a good investment for your outdoor holiday décor.

What They Are

Inflatable yard decorations come in many different varieties and sizes. Most inflatables are made of nylon material, similar to a tent. They are waterproof and very durable. The outdoor inflatables are made to withstand snow and rain.

One of the most popular versions is the giant Santa Claus. This inflatable usually stands around six feet tall and lights up. Another popular inflatable is the giant snowman. You will find many versions of this inflatable, but most are over six feet tall and they all light up at night.

Recently, companies have come out with cartoon character inflatables, making cartoon lovers excited about the new products. The Grinch was a popular version of the inflatable last year. Mickey Mouse and his friends were also incredibly popular. Even college mascots were being made into holiday inflatables.

How To Use Them

Inflatable Christmas yard decorations are very easy to use. All you need to do is remove them from their package, steak them down, plug them in, and flip the switch. The rest is done instantly. The inflatable will contain a small fan that is powered with electricity. When you flip the switch, the inflatable automatically begins filling up with air.

It continuously fills until you power it off. They are very simple to use. Smaller inflatables are available in sizes of about four feet. These inflatables often do not need to be staked down. They work very much like their bigger versions and also run on a fan powered with electricity. These decorations involve very little care. At the end of the season it is best to wipe them down before storage, but it is not mandatory.

How Much They Cost

Large inflatable Christmas yard decoration can be very costly. Some of the large versions can cost up to $90 each. The cartoon character versions always run a little higher than the normal versions. You can find smaller versions for up to $35 each. Although they are expensive, you should remember that they will last a really long time. If stored properly, an inflatable could last for up to 15 years.

If you want to stand out this holiday season, consider using inflatable Christmas yard decoration. This bold decorating theme is wonderful for families with children. Children love the fact they the inflatables are so large. Your neighbors will also love the view as they admire your outdoor Christmas décor. You can get an inflatable in almost any variety you want, making them even more appealing. With easy setup and take down instructions, anyone can use this holiday decoration.


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