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Inflatable Halloween Decorations / Inflatable Halloween Props

Updated on September 11, 2011

Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a time to celebrate and part and inflatable Halloween decorations really get a Halloween party going. These Halloween inflatables are excellent as they look fantastic, are reasonably priced and also take up less space as they can be deflated as well!

There are many different inflatable Halloween decorations for outdoor and the yard and nearly all of them look brilliant and are very detailed. These inflatables will really make your Halloween displays look so much better and will attract trick or treaters like a spell!  Lots of these decorations are also animated and make noises!

In this hub, we are going to look at the best Halloween inflatable props and decorations, so let's get started!

Inflatable Halloween on Amazon

Spooky inflatable graveyard for Halloween!
Spooky inflatable graveyard for Halloween! | Source

Inflatable Graveyards/Cemetries

There are some brilliant inflatable graveyards and cemeteries that you can buy and they look really amazing. An inflatable graveyard is excellent as it really creates a spooky, fun and some are massive. These are great for the centrepiece of your Halloween display and gives a very authentic Halloween feel.

Great for attracting trick or treaters to your house too!

Inflatable Graveyard

8ft Airblown Inflatable Halloween Graveyard
8ft Airblown Inflatable Halloween Graveyard

An incredible display which will be the best on the street!


Inflatable Pumpkins

There is a massive amount of inflatable pumpkins for Halloween displays too and these are essential whether you are putting on a big outdoor yard display or just for inside the house. There are some great inflatable pumpkins around and below are some of the best!

Inflatable Monsters

No Halloween party or display would be complete without a monster - and an inflatable monster is perfect!  There are lots of monsters available and the prices vary a lot but I have highlighted some of my favourites and I am sure you will like them too!

Inflatable Ghosts on Bike Halloween Decorations
Inflatable Ghosts on Bike Halloween Decorations | Source

Inflatable Ghosts and Ghouls

Inflatable ghosts and gouls are another impressive addition to any Halloween decorations and any fancy Halloween display could not do without one.

On the right is a lovely example of a good ghost display! One of the best choices for an inflatable ghost is the Gemmy slender ghost!

Grip Reaper Inflatable
Grip Reaper Inflatable | Source

Inflatable Grim Reapers

There are also lots of grim reapers waiting to join your outdoor Halloween decorations this Halloween so don't let them down - or you will regret it!

All of the following can't wait to get their hands on some new children and adults!

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