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Inverted Christmas Trees

Updated on August 26, 2013

What Is An Inverted Christmas Tree?

Inverted Christmas trees have been around since the Middle Ages!

Originally introduced by St. Boniface in the 7th century, the triangle-shaped Christmas tree was introduced to the pagans as a symbol for the Holy Trinity.

The trees hung upside down so that they were distinctly different than any other holiday decoration - they stood as a symbol of Christianity.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Inverted Christmas Trees Make A Comeback!

The use of inverted Christmas trees declined severely in the late 17th century.

As the popularity of Christmas trees in general spread throughout the Christian world, many people didn't understand why the trees were upside-down.

They misunderstood the reason that the trees were inverted and came to think that they were "anti-Christmas" and "anti-Christian."

Instead of doing away with the trees, however, they just turned them upright with the tip of the tree pointing toward heaven.

For more in-depth information about the re-emergence of inverted Christmas trees, check out this more in-depth post: Inverted Christmas Trees

An Upside Down Corner Christmas Tree

An Upside Down Corner Christmas Tree
An Upside Down Corner Christmas Tree | Source

Why Would I Want An Inverted Christmas Tree?

There are many reasons why upside-down trees have become more and more popular during the last decade.

They're Unique

Inverted trees, although gaining in popularity, are nowhere near as common as regular Christmas trees.

If you want a holiday tree that will have everybody talking, the inverted tree is for you!

Ornaments Show Better

Believe it or not, your prized Christmas ornaments will look even more impressive on an upside-down tree - especially if you have long or "spinner" ornaments.

Kids & Pets

Have small children or pets? Then an inverted tree hung from a ceiling bracket is just what the doctor ordered.

They can see the tree, but won't be able to reach and break the ornaments or be in danger of becoming entangled in your power cords.

Space Considerations

If you live in a very small house or apartment, you'll be amazed at how much more room you'll have for decorations and presents.

In fact - having more space to set up holiday displays is the reason stores first started displaying them!

Inverted Christmas Tree On A Floor Stand

Inverted Christmas Tree On A Floor Stand
Inverted Christmas Tree On A Floor Stand | Source

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How To Decorate An Upside Down Christmas Tree

This Year I'm Going "Upside Down!"

My husband and I currently live in a very small house - really, apartment-sized - and we've never been able to have anything other than a small table-top tree.


Yes, this year we're planning to make our first foray into the world of inverted Christmas trees!

We're pretty sure we're going to start with a half-sized corner "chandelier" pre-lit tree before committing to a full-sized upside-down tree.

Now, though, we're going to have to take some time and search the internet for the best ways to decorate these unique trees.

Have any suggestions, tips or tricks? Leave me a comment below!

But Are These Trees Safe?


First of all, your inverted Christmas tree will be artificial, and statistically artificial trees are much safer in terms of fire risk than live cut trees.

But.. Are they stable?

They are indeed!

If you select an upside-down tree with a floor base, you'll find that the base is weighted. This results in extra stability and prevents leaning and tipping.

If you're planning on attaching your inverted tree to the ceiling you'll just need to fasten the base securely to the ceiling bracket that's usually included in the set.

The same goes for wall-mounted trees.

All in all - upside down trees are much more likely to make it through the holiday season without tipping, leaning, falling or burning!

Try It Out!

Why not try out an inverted Christmas tree this year?

You can find these trees at almost any large store. Even Amazon has an incredible inventory!

There are trees that are build to hang down from your ceiling like a chandelier, some that you can mount on a wall, and others that come built onto floor stands with the tree tips pointed down.

You should have no problem finding the perfect tree for your home!

Have You Set Up An Inverted Christmas Tree? Share YOUR Experience!

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