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Is It Really Thanksgiving Anymore?

Updated on November 20, 2012

Hello fellow Hubbers and passersby.

The illustration to the right should be a hint of what this particular hub is going to focus on, so hold onto your hats as I just let loose...and I've been waiting almost two weeks to write this hub.

Remember growing up and all the buildup toward the Thanksgiving holiday?

The talk of what was going to be served, where dinner was going to be, could you invite a friend over to share the Thanksgiving meal with everyone?

What about waking up early on Thanksgiving morning, turning on the television and watch the Thanksgiving day parade.

Seeing the larger than life balloons march down the parade ave in New York city, the balloon handlers dwarfed by the sheer size of those balloons they were guiding down that parade route.

And at the appointed time of the day, you and your family and friends gathered around the table and indulged in the meal.

A meal the sheer size of which you only saw once a year, and you gave thanks for the food and the company you shared that meal with.

Well what the hell's happened to those days!

Today's world has gotten so busy and so predicated on the profits that a single sale can make on the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally labeled "Black Friday" that each year society raises the ante on by having that sale start earlier and earlier.

Growing up I wasn't sheltered from this phenomenon, but I really didn't participate in it. I usually did my shopping a few weeks before the Christmas holiday, and did not worry about "getting that stupendous deal" on that bubble gum wrapper at the local Woolworth.

Today, we think nothing of forcing a retail employee to forfeit their holiday celebration in the name of corporate profits, all in the name of gift giving. Have you seen the news reports over the last day or so?

People lining up at their local Best Buy retail outlet at least three days before any Black Friday sale is even close to taking place, and why?

Because they want to get a deal on the newest I-phone or the latest electronic marvel that they just have to have... or gift to someone they know.

And what about shopping outlets that are opening on midnight Friday...that's actually still Thursday...Thanksgiving if I'm correct.


When did we forget what Thanksgiving was really all about?

When did we decide that saving a few dollars (because that's what it all boils down to doesn't it?) is more important than actually spending the day celebrating and enjoying time with our loved ones undisturbed.

I for one say Poppycock!

How about this...while it's way too late to stop this madness from happening this Thanksgiving, how about next year we all just say to hell with Black Friday?

Believe me, those electronic toys and gadgets will still be there, along with those overpriced clothes that we believe we are really getting a fantastic deal on...we'll just be purchasing them a day or so later.

Let's let the retailers know that we want time with our family and friends "Uninterrupted" by their machinations to drive sales at the expense of our leisure time!

I'm not saying I don't believe in "Capitalism," but it'll still be there the day after Thanksgiving, now pass me the white meat and the well done Turkey skin please.


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