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Is It Your Friends Birthday?

Updated on July 27, 2016


A card is a really good way to tell someone you care. You can always send an E card, buy a Hallmark card , or even make your own card. If your making your own card make it extra special for whoever the special someone is.

Gift card

A gift card is the best thing to give if you really don't know what to give. I suggest the Amazon gift card. Amazon is a website that sell almost everything you want for a cheaper price. With certain offers you can even get free shipping straight to your home. Click this link to look at giftcards and more!

Gift Card<<<<<click here


Everyone loves balloons! You can buy a birthday balloon in many nearby stores close to you! Make someones day today!


Get someone the perfect present out there for them! Think about what they have talked about. Have they been obsessed with this one thing they have been talking about but don't have. Do them a favor and get it for them today.

Show that you care!

So you forgot it was his/her birthday and didn't get him/her anything. Give them a bear hug and tell them you care! Remember It's the thought not the expense but if you do want to get him/her something scroll up and look at my great ideas again.

Sorry folks Im sorry but I'm running out of ideas if you come up with good ideas for someones birthday comment below and don't forget the wrapping paper

:) Allyx Aleks


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