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Is Mother's Day another fake holiday, like Valentine's Day?

Updated on May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day... or days?

Today is Mother's Day here in the United States and while this hub is absolutely not against mothers, I'd simply like to analyze what I believe I don't like about this day, much like Valentine's Day and other days dedicated to specific groups of people.

Everyday is Mother's Day

Unlike Valentine's Day, the day where hypocrisy is displayed at its rawest, Mother's Day's motive is to celebrate the role of mothers all over the country and wherever the day is celebrated. But we all know not all mothers are "real mothers". Let's define first, what a mother is: in biology, a mother is a woman who gives birth to a human being- generally by means of carrying him inside for nine months. Legally, a mother is as defined in biology but also a woman who decides to adopt a person to treat him/her like her proper child. In terms of morals, a mother is defined as in the legal definition, but adds the very important key that makes a mother, a complete mother: growing the child to become a productive person.

A father is just like a mother but in the male definition. Can be a father by means of having the child in the natural or adopted way and also making sure he raises him or her to become a productive person. A mother is not more important than a father, and a father is not more important than a mother. They are both equally as responsible for the child. But there is also a Father's Day in June, and what I am going to say here will apply to fathers in the same fashion.

This day is supposed to gratify and work as a general thanks day to real mothers who have sacrificed to their offsprings. The problem of Mother's Day (and Father's Day) is not what they mean to be but the common, marketing stuff that flourishes during it.

I have to say that it sickens me to see a person only give flowers to a loved partner in Valentine's Day and not do the same thing several times on a year. The same happens with Mother's Day. Why does a person give flowers to a mother only in this particular day? What about June 13, or September 2? Aren't these days to be thankful to a mother? Everyday is Mother's day, as well as Valentine's day and Father's day. You ought to be devout to a person you love all year long, and not reserve certain details to a man-made holiday.

Marketing and making money

Like Valentine's Day, stores all over the country are bombarded with Hallmark cards, flowers, chocolates and all kinds of stuff for celebration of Mother's Day. Yes, there are Hallmark's cards and flowers (though not many) during the entire year, but I only see people buying them on man-made holidays. Admit something- you don't love a person when you limit showing an apparent love on a particular day. You don't love your mother on Mother's day if you treat her like garbage most of the year, nor you respect her if you don't consider her outside of the holiday. So stores and companies use this day as a form of monetizing and making a lot of money, because people tend to be very "sweet" on particular days only and they take advantage of it. Show your love all year long, not on Mother's day only.

Not all mothers are mothers

Some people tend to have the belief that a mother is a mother just for carrying the child. Haven't you read or heard about infanticide parents? Or mothers who abuse their children, both physically and sexually? These people cannot, by any means, be counted as mothers, the only thing they deserve is jail and severe punishment, conforming to the level of transgression. I recently saw a horrible video broadcasted worldwide of a low-life "mother" beating her baby in a very savage way in Malaysia. This is a mother? Please... that's not even a woman, that's a demon!

Feminism movement on the loose on Mother's Day

The most "repugnant" thing of Mother's Day is that feminist women tend to use it to undermine men, with expression such as "a mother is a mother", "mother's love is the greatest love", and so forth. In my very personal opinion, the purest form of love here on Earth (outside of God) is the love from a pet. Because all pets love their owners whereas not all mothers love their children. There are excellent mothers who give their life for their children, and that is most respectable, but it's not general for all mothers. Also, even tough society has this perception of fathers only to provide food and goods to a child and not being as important as a mother, you know this is simply not true. There are excellent fathers and in some cases who care of their child more than some mothers. A man, like a woman, has emotions, and even though man has the general description of being not as emotional and not show their feeling as women do, that does not mean fathers do not have emotions. Some feminist immature women use this day to promote a mindset that women are superior to men. This is not right.

The only truth here is that all good mothers in the world deserve the same level of devotion, love and respect all over the year and Mother's Day, as a holiday, is not really necessary. The same goes to Father's Day and other similar holidays. Everyday is the day of love. Be kind and grateful all year long.


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