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Is Thanksgiving Overlooked?

Updated on November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving is that time of year when people share their thanks for families and loved ones, comfortable homes, having food to eat, all sorts of goodness. Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday in October, but Americans celebrate theirs in November, a few weeks after Halloween. But retail stores have been opening even earlier than usual; some open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving! The holiday isn’t terribly overlooked, but it can be forgotten rather quickly even before the Christmas season arrives.

A "Feast Day" in China, which is similar to Thanksgiving.
A "Feast Day" in China, which is similar to Thanksgiving.

Celebrating the holiday in schools

Preparations have been done before Thanksgiving arrived. Schools encourage students to make crafts that give them the whole idea of what this holiday is truly about. Children might make paper turkeys and use different colored feathers that represent what they are thankful for. Thanksgiving plays are still popular, with children dressing up as pilgrims and Native Americans before they sit down to their “feast.” So at least the schools aren’t covering up Thanksgiving with their Christmas enthusiasm a bit too early.

Children can do Thanksgiving activities and crafts at school, even with pumpkins.
Children can do Thanksgiving activities and crafts at school, even with pumpkins.

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Thanksgiving meal deals at grocery stores

Grocery store advertisements elude consumers into buying Thanksgiving food. They can be anywhere, too. You might see an ad about purchasing popular Thanksgiving food, including sweet potatoes and a fancy turkey in the newspaper. You may have noticed ads on their store windows, when it’s the opportunity to save a few dollars purchasing things you need to serve a festive meal for your family.

A Thanksgiving turkey baking in the oven.
A Thanksgiving turkey baking in the oven.

Black Friday

Now here’s the problem; there are many more retailers that get their hopes up for a big profit before Christmas. Their showy Christmas lights hanging on ceilings and around entrances tend to make people to realize that Christmas shopping has arrived. So they indeed do their Christmas shopping. Those shoppers might greet “Merry Christmas” instead of saying “Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.” Some department stores open early on Thanksgiving, probably at 6:00 PM or maybe all day! Black Friday deals galore when it’s not even the day after Thanksgiving, in store or online.

Christmas shoppers.
Christmas shoppers.

It's a similar problem for the media, particularly television and radio. It seems like each year, a famous department store on TV discusses doing your Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving. A radio announcement mentions a 25% off purchase for jewelry waiting on Thanksgiving. Retailers can be a bit greedy sometimes.

Thanksgiving is about counting blessings. It’s not about griping on a Christmas gift. People deserve to use this important day for relaxing with their families and sitting at the table heaped with delicious food. They can worry about what to buy for Christmas as early as Black Friday, which is so-called in the United States.

Photo credits: Pixabay


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