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Is The Over-Pushing Of Christmas Ruining The Christmas Spirit?

Updated on November 30, 2011
Catholic Christmas Display in New Hampshire. Santa Claus has replaced Joseph and Mary and the Three Wise Men in The Manger Scene.
Catholic Christmas Display in New Hampshire. Santa Claus has replaced Joseph and Mary and the Three Wise Men in The Manger Scene.

I've been really having a hard time drumming up my Christmas Spirit, this year. Maybe it's because it's not even December yet and I'm having Christmas shoved down my throat. The local radio station started playing Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving. They started talking about Black Friday on Halloween. Christmas trees went on sale two days after Thanksgiving. Stores opened up on Thanksgiving night for Christmas shopping.

I've loved Christmas since I was a child. I decorated the house to the hilt. I planned the Christmas dinner. I got so bad I wanted to have a traditional Christmas dinner right out of A Christmas Carol with plum pudding and a Christmas goose. I coveted a Santa sleigh with eight reindeers to put on the front lawn. I made everything from scratch.

My mother hated Christmas because her mother died three days before Christmas. She hated the song, Silent Night, in particular. So she just loved having a Christmas Child. My mother died the day after Christmas, but I didn't let it destroy my love for Christmas the way my mother did. It's too entirely different things. I can remember my mother and still love and celebrate Christmas. But for the last few years I've had a hard time getting on my Christmas spirit and I think it's because people are trying to push it back to November and push Thanksgiving out of the way to start celebrating Christmas.

You have the whole month of October to prepare for Halloween. You have the whole month of November to prepare for Thanksgiving. And you have the whole month of December to prepare for Christmas. Christmas does not need to start in November. It does not need to start Thanksgiving night. It does not need to start the day after Halloween.

One year my local radio station started playing Christmas music non-stop the day after Halloween. I like Christmas music, but not for two straight months. I think I'm not the only Christmas Grinch because I think a lot of people must have called in to complain, because now they've managed to restrain themselves and start it Thanksgiving week.

I was a real Grinch, this week. I'm driving in my car and I have it on my regular radio station and their playing Christmas music and I'm like, "I gotta get that crap off, NOW!" I put on my CD of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. You can't get more non-Christmas that. I go to the bank and their decorating the Christmas tree in the town square, and I'm like, "Couldn't you wait until it's December?" I go in the drug store and their also decorating for Christmas. But it's not even December yet.

Granted, I've not been looking forward to Christmas coming, this year. In fact, it's the first year I've actually dreaded it. I'm only working part time and I'm not making much money. In November I had to pay $250 to get my blower fixed on my car, and now something else is wrong with it, so there goes the money I planned to use to buy my cat the cat tree I've been promising to buy him since July is going to have to be used on the car. I'm worried about paying my rent, my friend just got fired, can't get unemployment and is worried about paying her bills, and I'm trying to give her the emotional support she needs. Vermont is still recovering from Hurricane Irene. The annual Labor Day Celebration got cancelled. The annual pumpkin show got cancelled. It's been a very bad year, and the idiot on the news just asked me if I'd gotten my Christmas tree, yet? Hello, it's not even December yet, you imbecile.

But honestly I don't think it's that. I'm disgusted at the way Thanksgiving is pushed out of the way for Christmas. It's a nice holiday. Family gets together for a big meal and you can relax. You don't need to risk getting into a car accident Thanksgiving night because there's a black ice warning out but you want to go out Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night because you just can't wait to start shopping until December or even freaking Friday morning.

Last year a friend from work took me to New Hampshire to see this huge Christmas shrine the catholic church there puts up every Christmas. It was wonderful. It really made you feel Christmas. Of course, there was a sour note for me when I looked in the manger and instead of Mary and Joseph and the Three Wise Men looking over a sleeping Jesus, there was Santa Claus instead.

Don't get me wrong. I love Santa. I still believe in him. But he doesn't belong in the manger. I used to laugh at the SNL sketch with the Church Lady rearranging the letters in Santa and saying it spelled Satan, but now I'm really beginning to wonder. Santa is the spokes model for Christmas shopping. I wonder how many people are thinking that Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus' birth when their leaving their families on Thanksgiving night to go Christmas shopping? The same way Christmas is pushing Thanksgiving aside, Santa Claus is pushing Jesus aside.

I'm having a bit of hope that I'll get the Christmas Spirit. I actually managed to listen to the all-Christmas music radio station without holding my hands over my ears and running from the room screaming, "But it's not even December, yet." Probably because tomorrow is December and that's when Christmas is supposed to begin. I was even browsing Amazon to start doing some Christmas shopping.

I'll probably get my tree, this weekend. That's if I have my car back. This is the first year I've had a car and I'm excited about being able to bring my tree home in my own car, opposed to having to have it delivered. I'll also begin decorating the lobby of my apartment building so it looks like Christmas. I just wish Christmas would stay in December and stop encroaching on November and Thanksgiving. The month of December is long enough to do your Christmas shopping. Because it really is getting hard to get your Christmas Spirit with having Christmas shoved own your throat before Thanksgiving has even arrived.


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