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Is There a Santa and is He Still Alive?

Updated on January 1, 2011

He Has a Big Heart


Twas the NIght Before Christmas

Santa Clause, The Doer of Good Deeds and the Bearer of Cheer and Gifts

Yes he's known all over the world as a bearer of gifts, joy, and cheerfulness and smiles to many children. He has been known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Sinter Claas. His jolly appearance and his look of today started in the British and U. S. version beginning in the 17th century. However you see him he is an icon and the epitomy of what the western world celebrates. He is at the center of all of the festivals and parades, and pagentry in today's modern world as well. I recall growing up and as Cristmas approached I could feel as I still do today, the special magical feeling that only seems to come at this time of year. The singing, the making and hanging of decorations has been and is still exciting to me. All the singing, the tensile, laughter and exitement on children's faces still can bring a tear to my eyes. I recall the night of Christmas Eve when my sister and I would hurry and get into bed early. I remember saying to my sister. I hope Santa does not get caught in the chimney or there is no fire when he comes down it. I recall my uncles going out and cuttinging down a pine tree out in the woods. I loved the smell as it seemed to blend right in with all the things that brought excitement and anticipation as the day came closer and closer. I would say to my sister that I thought I heard someone walking on the house and that I heard someone say can you cut me a peace of cake? As I could smell the coffee I surely believed that old Santa was having coffee in the kitchen and as I heard things being put on the floor I could imagine the old man slinging his heavy bag over his shoulder, squating down, taking a big leap and back up the chimney. I would fall asleep so excited I could hardly wait for everyone to get up. I did not even want to eat. I just wanted to see all the gifts that naturally me and my sister as kids expected, not even realizing just how poor we were. As expected we were not let down and it some how seemed sad and a let down to me to see it all going away after Christmas day was just about over. To lose the magic and excitement was sometrhing that I never could quite come to live with. No gift given to me never quite had the meaning as a gift that I recieved at Christmas. Waving to Santa in Christmas parades and sitting upon his knee in the department store was quite an experiance to me and brought much discussion and smiles of us kids. Some how going into the stores to shop and places to eat somehow seemed to lift our spirits even more than it did at any other time. Watching the old TV shows with the peanuts kids and the other animated shows about Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman hightened my thoughts of a man and his elves at the North Pole working to make toys for the next Christmas. Today it always brings me joy to see the little children with their gifts and the smile on their faces. The combination of adults sharing gifts among friends and relatives amoung all the food and decorations always made me feel light hearted. Today as Christmas has become so commercialized and even controversial, I still find myself going back to my childhood and thinking of that old drafty house, the fireflace, tensile on the mantle and decorations along the walls and on the tree. It was an upbeat feeling between adults and children as they exhanged gifts at church and at school celebrations. Today I still cannot seem to find any other time that is so wonderful even though the songs are old standards and are often favored over the newer carols. I still make it a point to watch "A Christmal Carol" every year and play Christmas music. The bible stories told to me as a child still remains as a ritual and a symbol of love and peace on earth as it did then. I often still peace together, as I did in my mind as a child all these things coming together as I attend the Holiday Markets. I think Christmas brings back the child in all of us. We often see much love extended as it is no other time of the year. The homeless fed, people going into the nursing homes, wishes granted to very ill children, and our soldiers sent cards and even war stopping long enough to celebrate a moment of peace in a sometimes dismal and harrowing world. Even the notorious Hell's Angels take the time to give gifts to the needy children. Oh yes, getting back to the question does Santal exist and does he still live today? Yes abosutely. He lives in most all of us and as long as human kind exists on earth no matter how technical, controversial, or even woeful it may seem at times, Santa will live on until the end of time. Let me take this time to say Merry Christmas, no not happy holidays, but merry Christamas to easch and everyone and a most joyous and happy holiday season.

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