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Is trick-or-treating safe?

Updated on October 21, 2015

Is trick-or-treating safe these days? I remember as a kid, going trick-or-treating with my mom in our neighborhood. We did not know all the people of the neighborhood, as it was quite large, but it was not scary like it is now. Houses were decorated in "friendly" Halloween decorations and kids did not seem so fixated on scaring all the little children. I remember Mom sorting my candy for opened packages, but other than that, it was all mine! Now that I have a 5 year old at home, I have noticed things are different. Big kids are intent on scaring the bejesus out of little children. Adults decorate there front doors and houses in the scariest of fashions. Costumes have gone from cute and sweet to scary and gory, even for little children! I feel that this trend of scaring the "littles" is a bit much. Since when is it normal that a 5 year old knows what a zombie is or has seen a truly scary movie? I have seen an increase in the number of churches doing "Trunk or treat" events and it only makes me wonder if it is due to safety and scaring the children. This year I'm 7 months pregnant for Halloween and have decided to dress up in costume. It was disheartening to search online for costumes for maternity wear and literally only find 6 different choices to pick from. I opted for a larger size non-maternity costume, but even that was difficult to find. All the rage these days are gory, scary or excessively sexy...and who really wants to see a slutty looking pregnant Tinkerbell? My husband even had difficulty choosing a costume this year, due to the vast majority of costumes being full of sexual innuendoes. That sort of thing should not be around little kids or at family-oriented Halloween parties. Instead of the door-to-door in my not-so-friendly neighborhood, we will be going on a hayride neighborhood trick-or-treating event and kid-friendly Fall festival at a close friend's house. In case you were wondering, the 5 year old is dressing up as a Monster High girl, Cleo de Nile or something of the sort. I found a Roman Goddess costume that covered this belly of mine, and actually is floor length instead of the trendy "shows my panties" length. My husband, well, he opted for a Hazmat suit and gear to look like a meth-chemist from Breaking Bad. At least he'll be covered and can tell the kids he is a chemistry teacher.

Is Halloween too scary for children?

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