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It's Christmas and We Have Little Money

Updated on December 11, 2010

The Key to Giving the Right Gift

For me, there is nothing more depressing than having the holidays come and not have the money to do the things you would like to do for your family, for friends, or for anyone.  I know I am not the only one in this position, but when I see people out buying things, tying trees to their cars, when I see all the decorations going up, and all the lights out on the houses, and I cannot even afford to buy a tree, it is depressing.

I am getting to the point that I do not like holidays at all.  When my children were young, we always managed to have presents stacked around the tree, and their eyes would sparkle when they would see them in the morning.  The wrapping paper everywhere, ribbons and bows stuck all over and always one on top of each of their heads.  The room was always full of smiles and laughing, and we drank coffee with the special creamer in it and maybe even a splash of something stronger.  Yes, those are the times I like to just close my eyes and think about, for they were good times

Now, I have to be very creative when it comes to gifts, for the times have changed, and I do not have the resources to do the things that I used to.  I no longer am able to work two jobs, and my income is barely enough.  I have learned to keep my eyes open throughout the year, and if I see something I think would make a cool gift for someone I jump on it;.  I have also learned that it truly isn't about buying, but it is about the thought of the gift.  Some of my best gifts have been things that I have had for years, and when I see somebody admire it whenever they come to my house, I know what they will get for Christmas. 

Also, things that inspire memories always make good gifts.  When my youngest son finished his internship with our local newspaper, he had put a lot of hours into doing it just for the experience.  For two years he not only went to school, but worked a job at a local coffee shop and also did the two year internship for the paper.  At the end, when he was a professional photojournalist, he was never so happy .  He did not keep any of the pictures that he had printed in our hometown paper, so a year or so after he was working out of state with his new wife, I went to the local library and they gave me all the newspapers that had his pictures in them.  I carefully cut them all out, and in an album or two attached all the pictures he had that had made the paper.  There were more of them than I thought and it took several days, but he loved it.

When he opened that gift, and I saw the pride and very much similar twinkle in his eye that I saw when he was a kid and there were tons of gifts, I knew that I had found the answer to my money problem and the holidays.  It sometimes takes a lot of creativity, thought, and a lot of watching and knowing what the persons in your life really love in life....and that is the key to giving isn't it?


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  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

    The best holiday gifts are the ones you come up with that mean a lot to the recipient. They don't have to have a hefty price tag, at all. You really nailed this idea. I'm so glad you wrote this for all the people out there on a tight budget this holiday season.

    Thanks for another great hub!