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Jack Daniels Cake

Updated on June 29, 2012

Easiest Way to make a Birthday into a BASH! is the cake.

Use the cake as the centerpiece and it creates a theme.

My Father in Law LOVES Jack Daniels. Every gift he recieved was a different variety of JD. (what to get a man who has everything?)

So why not create a Jack Daniels Cake.

The whiskey bottle itself has a lot of small detail. So I used the basic design and made it my own.

Instead of "Old. NO.7" I wrote 50. (his 50th Birthday)

I am not an expert cake decorator but as long as you have a steady hand its not that hard. I used a bag and bottle icing decorator in white. I personally like the bag better. There was more control of how much icing came out.

Its not about how perfect it comes out. Its the thought and time put into it. My Father in Law LOVED IT! And so did everyone else :)

My new thing is personalized cakes now. I made a Bud Light Case for my Husband and am making an acoustic guitar for my Brother in Law this weekend. Will post a hub for that one.

How to Make Black Frosting

  • One container of Chocolate frosting
  • One container of blue food dye
  • One container of red food dye
  • One contanier of green food dye

Mix a little of each color to the frosting.

After adding what seems like enough, let sit for a couple mintues. The frosting will darken on its own. If not desired color. Add more.

I used most of the blue, half the red and green.


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